Online Marketing View: Why a Music Teacher Must Be Online

Certainly music has charms, but how do you spread that charm these days? The time of newspaper ads or hanging a shingle in the window, promising piano lessons for 5¢ is long since over. Maybe a flyer on the bulletin board at the supermarket? When was the last time you saw a bulletin board in a supermarket? The internet is the new bulletin board.

Somewhere on that digital bulletin board you get to put up your flyer but instead of tear-off tabs at the bottom, you get to shove those tabs into the hands of the right people. The first step is to have a website.

There are several great examples of the variety of sites musicians and music teachers have placed on the web. The following examples show several different approaches and service a few different needs.

 Frances Wilson’s Piano Studio

This is less personal but also aimed at students and teachers, not excluding piano enthusiasts, as stated in her tagline. This is a site that really sells music but on an honest level. It’s cleanly designed and has a very trustworthy feel. The content is engaging and the site has the capabilities of bringing in a large amount of traffic.


 Kelly Riley’s Music Classroom

The Mr. Rogers of music, Mrs. Riley is for music students in the first through fourth grade in elementary school. Simple helpful, fun and encouraging. The site is bright and fun and would clean up with advertisers. Keep advertising and associate programs in mind when you design your website.


The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Another site owned by Francis Wilson (she sure sees the power of the web!), this site takes a loving poke at piano enthusiasts while delivering fantastic interviews with musicians. A time-consuming project, so you need to calculate the amount of time you can dedicate each week to the website/blog. Keep it fresh and the content flowing!


 Graham Fitch

Mr. Fitch is quite an accomplished musician and teacher. He faces two main needs for his website; he has a fan base that he needs to address, announce concerts and appearances and recent news, and then there’s his students.

The Fitch website has it all and he promotes it brilliantly. Sound clips, videos, testimonials and he uses it to sell himself to students whose parents want a certain level of study.


Get Started!

So, it’s not that hard to get online with your own blog or website. Want to know the first step? Go to FirstSiteGuide and download the guide for music teachers. When you’re up and running, check back to our blog for articles on growing your business, branding, marketing, social media and other digital business tips.


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