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Introduction is one of the oldest domain name registrars approved by ICANN. They were founded in 1999 and claim to be the white hat in an industry that uses some gray hat practices. They claim to be an ethically run company and manage over 1.7 million domain names.

Services offered

Gandi is a domain registrar and VPS host, so you can have your domain and website in the same place.

TLDs offered

Like the others, Gandi has all the generic TLDs and a large list of Descriptive and popular country-code TLDs. The active list we received consisted of 292 types though they claim over 600, so there may be many others we did not get to see.


Gandi also offers pre-ordering for TLDs that are in a pre-release phase. This can help you get the specific domain name you are looking for.


Gandi offers Free privacy for specific TLDs (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME, .TV, and .CC) for individual use. Some extension are automatically protected by law (.FR, .EU, .BE, .CO.UK, .CZ, and .TW).

Pricing was solidly in the middle of the pack for the domains we tested. They were never the cheapest, nor were they every the most expensive. Their shopping cart had us worried with some additional taxes (VAT), but those are only applied to those in the EU and France. US customers do not pay it.



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