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Hi, this is Brad with and in this video, I’m going to be talking about WordPress pages. Pages provide standard content or information to your readers. Standard pages that WordPress bloggers use include an About Me page, a Contact Us page, Advertise, Products, Services and so forth. In the “Pages” section, you will find a link for “All pages” and “Adding a new page”. So let’s click over to the “Pages” section, and what we are going to go ahead and do right now is add a new page, specifically an About Me page.

So I am going to scroll up top here to “Add new” and click that button. What’s great about an About Me page, is it allows you to get more personal with your visitors and share your story. So on top here for the title, I’m going to put in About Me and then down below in the content section, I’m going to add some information, about me and my recipes. “Hi, my name is Brad and I’ve been utilizing family recipes for over a decade now. On my blog, I’m going to share some of my best, most tasty tips and recipes with you so you can use them with your family. Thanks for stopping in and check back soon.” So you can go ahead and add some of your story here in text.

And then what I’m also going to do next is I’m going to add a photo of myself. So I’ll space down here and then I’ll go ahead and click on the “Add media” button right here, then click on “Upload files”, and then select files so you can find the file or the photo on your computer.

So I have gone ahead and found a head shot of myself, so I’m going to double-click and WordPress is going to upload it into the back end. So you can see it’s checked here and then over here on the right-hand side, I don’t want it to link to anything. So I’m going to put “None” and then I’m going to leave it at full size. Then simply scroll down a little bit here and click “Insert into page”.

So what I’ve done again is added a little bit of text about myself, and then added my photo down here on the bottom. Scroll over to the right here and click on “Publish”. And now if we right-click on “View page” and open it up in a new tab, we’ll be able to see the page, the About Me page that we just added.

Something sharp there, isn’t it? I hope you’ve found this quick demo useful. For more videos and How-To guides, please visit us at Take care.


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