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Hi, this is Brad with, and in this video I’ll be talking about WordPress Menus and what you can use them for.

A “Menu” is a set of links that you can set up and edit to show up on your top navigation, on your footer, or in a sidebar. In this case, we’re going to add a Favorites links section in the sidebar, and we’re going to add that on as a widget.

So we’re going to go over here to the “Appearance” section, we’re going to hover over, and then click on “Menus”. And since we don’t have any created right now, we’re going to give our new menu a name. I’m going to name it Favorites, and then I’m going to click on the “Create a menu” button.

So we’ve created a new menu, and now we want to add links to it. So let’s say that we had a few sites that we wanted to add as favorites, for example, You would put in the URL and then the link name, in this case, “Add to menu”. Then put in another URL,, down here we could say #1 Family Recipes, and then click “Add to menu”. And one more, let’s link to Oprah. So we’ll do, and then we’ll type in Oprah for the link text, and then click “Add to menu”. So now the only thing that we need to do is click “Save menu”.

Okay, so we’re now done with the “Menus” section, we’re going to go over here on the left to the “Widgets” section under “Appearance”, click to open it up, and what we want to do is find the “Custom menu” widget. We’re going to click, hold, and drag it over to our sidebar, and for “Select menu”, we want to select Favorites, click “Save”. And then, if we go back to our blog and click “Refresh”, we’ll see that the menu that we just created has been added to our sidebar. If we’d like to give it a name, we can go back and add a quick title that says Favorites, click “Save” again, go back to the blog, refresh, and we’ve added a Favorites sidebar menu section with three links.

I hope you found this quick demo useful. For more videos and how-to guides, please visit us at Take care.


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