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Hey there, this is Brad from And in this video, I’ll be walking you through how to install the Google Analytics plugin so you can track your visitors and measure user metrics with Google Analytics. Let’s go right ahead and get started.

Analytics is a free tracking platform provided by Google, that helps you know your audience, track your visitor’s paths through your blog, and help you promote through channels that are already working well for you. Your visitors will begin to grow slowly over time, so it’s nice to know where they’re coming from and which websites might have referred them. We’ll be using the Google Analytics plugin to make this happen behind the scenes in WordPress.

So here we are in the WordPress dashboard. Go ahead and hover over the “Plugin” section on the left, and then click on “Add new.” Then move your mouse over to the “Search plugins” text box, click, and then type in Google analytics and hit “Enter”. Here it is on the left hand side. So go ahead and click “Install now”, hit “Okay” to confirm the install, and then once it’s done installing, click on “Activate plugin”. All right, great. Now, hover over the “Setting” section on the left and find Google analytics and click there.

Okay, cool. Here’s where we’ll be putting our Analytics ID once we create it. Now open up a new tab and type in Here’s the page that will pop up. From there, click in the top right where it says “Access Google analytics”. Now we’re on the report homepage. In the top navigation, look for “Admin” and click there. This is the section we’ll be using to add a new tracking property to your account. Under this middle section called “Property,” click the dropdown box and then click “Create new property.” Here you’ll enter your website name, the website URL, select a category, and then select a time zone.

So I’m going to do that real quick. Once you’re finished entering those details, double check them to make sure they’re correct and then click “Get tracking ID.” Allright. Excellent and nice work. We’re going to scroll to the top of the page here and look for the tracking ID that Google just gave us after we created our new property. What we’re going to do now is select this tracking ID, copy it and bring it back over to the Google Analytics plugin.

It’s really simple from here. We just need to look for the first setting called “Google analytics ID” and then paste in our ID that we just got. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click “Save changes.” The plugin will add the corresponding code to all of our pages and track visitors for us. Thankfully, WordPress literally makes it that easy. All right. That’s really all there is to it.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to visit us at We’d be happy to help you out. Take care and enjoy your blog.


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