Managing Comments

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Brad with And in this video, I’m going to be talking about the “Comments” section. Comments are the best way to manage reader interaction. It allows your readers to leave comments on a topic, ask questions, and provide feedback. It’s a great way for them to stay engaged, and for you to ask them questions about specific topics. Both blog posts and pages accept comments, and you can turn them off and on, on the posts and pages that you would like to accept them on. In the comments section, you have the ability to moderate comments, and that includes approving comments, marking them as spam, or sending them to the trash to delete them permanently.

Here’s an example comment that shows up when you first install WordPress. It shows the user’s name, their web address, the submitted time and date, and the actual comment that they left. If we go over to the blog posts, I’ll show you an example of where the comments show up in this specific theme. So if we click over, here’s the theme’s title and the content. Down here is the blog comment that we just saw in the backend.

I hope you found this quick demo useful. For more videos and how-to guides, please visit us at Take care.


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