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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Brad with, and in this video we’re going to be talking about the “Users” section of your blog. We’ll go over here on the left hand side, we’ll hover over “Users” and then we’ll click on “All users”. The “Users” section allows you to add new users to your WordPress blog, customize your own user profile, and edit users you have added to your WordPress blog. This specifically comes in handy if you have a freelance writer who is writing for your blog. So if we wanted to add a new account for them, we would go up to the top here to “Add new” and click that button.

We would first give them a user name. In this case we’re just going to type in bobsmith and his email, as well as his first name, his last name, and his website. Next, we’re going to set a password for him, and we’re also going to check this check box right here, so it sends the password to his email. Now here’s a very important section which is the role section. If we want Bob to be able to write on our blog, instead of “Subscriber”, we’re going to want to either select “Contributor” or “Author” so he can add posts to the back end of our WordPress blog. I’m going to select “Author” and then I’m going to click “Add new user” down here, in the bottom left.

In this case, we just added Bob Smith, our freelance writer. We created a password for him, we put in his email, and then we also checked the check box to send in his password so he can log in and write articles for our blog.

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