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Hi, this is Brad with and in this video we’ll be talking about the tools section of your WordPress blog. If we go over here on the left hand side, you can click on “Tools” here to see the section I’m talking about. With tools, you’ll be able to execute some extended tasks on your WordPress blog which includes importing and exporting content if necessary.

In this case, if we wanted to export our current content, we would look over here on the left hand side and click on “Export”. You’ll have a few settings here but if you would like to just export all of your content you’ll leave this one checked up top, and then you would click on “Download export file” here. What that’s going to do is save an XML file of all of your content, your posts, your pages and your media from your WordPress blog.

To then import it we would go to the “Import” section underneath the “Tools” section, and to import you’ll click on “WordPress”, look down here in the bottom right for the “Install now” button, and once the WordPress importer plugin gets installed, you’ll click on “Activate plugin” and run importer. From there you would select “Choose file” and you would find this same XML file that you just downloaded to your computer.

From there you would click “Upload file” and import and that would allow you to import the WordPress content that you just exported from your blog. This comes in handy if you need to move your existing WordPress blog to a new server.

I hope you found this quick demo useful. For more videos and how to guides please visit us at Take care.


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