WordPress vs SquareSpace Software / Tools Comparison

Video Transcription

Hey there, this is Brad from FirstSiteGuide.com. In this video, we’ll be comparing WordPress and SquareSpace. And while both can help you get your website online, they differ quite a bit in features and functions. So we’ll go through them together so you can decide which one’s right for you. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

So first off, there are many ways to get a new website or blog online these days. Back when the internet first became popular, your only options were to learn how to code yourself or pay a bunch of money to someone who knew how. Over time, the need for blogging platforms, Content Management Systems, and website builders has grown. However, all of them have different learning curves and features, so it’s important to understand which is best for you to use upfront.

WordPress is an open source platform which you can utilize to put together either a blog or a website. They have thousands of free themes to choose from that will help you adjust the look and feel of your new blog to fit your unique style. WordPress also has thousands of free plugins available to help add and remove different kinds of features.

SquareSpace is primarily a customizable website builder with a variety of themes to choose from. The good news is, these templates are simple and fit great for personal brands, musicians, eCommerce websites, and portfolios. However, once you choose one, it begins to limit the features available to you, which makes it a little simpler than WordPress but not necessarily easier to use, depending on your needs.

When deciding between the two platforms, one of the biggest questions you want to ask yourself is if you’ll be blogging. There are many benefits to blogging, including sharing and demonstrating your expertise, informing, educating, and more.

In this case, it would be best to use WordPress to blog and include website pages within your blog, like an “About Me” page, or “Contact Us” page. This gives you the flexibility of not limiting yourself on features, but it does take a little more upfront research and getting used to the WordPress platform. Thankfully, there are many tutorials and step-by-step guides online, so it won’t take long to be up and running with the features and look you like.

Speaking of which, we have a full free guide on how to start your own WordPress blog easily and affordably today. Just hop on over to FirstSiteGuide.com to get started. We’d also be happy to help out with any questions you might have.

Take care and enjoy starting your new blog.


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