Managing and Adding Widgets

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Brad with, and in this video we’ll be talking about WordPress widgets. Widgets are boxes that you can add to various areas of your WordPress blog. And depending on your theme, these areas might be different. They might be up in the header, on the side bar, or down in the footer.

Widgets are commonly used to add a “Most recent posts” section, a “Most recent comments,” and a “Favorites” link section where you can link to other blogs. If we click over to our blog here, we’ll see that the side bar is set up on the right here with the search bar, the most recent posts, the most recent comments, and a few other sections. So if we go back to our dashboard, we’ll hover over the “Appearance” tab, and then click on “Widgets”. So you’ll see that by default, WordPress will install all these side bar widgets for you. If you’d like to delete them, you click the down arrow and press “Delete”.

So if we wanted to add a most recent posts widget, we would click on the “Widget” here, click and drag it to the side bar till you see the dotted lines up here, and then you’ll release in that section. So now if we go back to our blog and click “Refresh”, we’ll see that it’s added the “Most recent posts” section here on the right. If we wanted to add a search bar, we go down and find “Search”, click, hold and drag it over until we see the dotted lines. And again we can go back, refresh our blog, and we’ll see that it added the search bar widget on the right hand side on the side bar.

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