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Hi, this is Brad with, and in this video, we’ll be looking at the “Customize” section underneath the “Appearance” tab. This will have to do with our theme and the way that the layout is set up, as well as a few other settings and options that affect the appearance.

So if we go over to the left here and hover over “Appearance”, and then go to “Customize”, we’ll click, and depending on your theme, it’ll pull up different settings on the left here, as well as show you a live preview of your current blog’s theme. So, over here on the left, we have things like the “Site title” and the “Tagline”, so if we wanted to change ours up a bit, instead of spelling out “First”, and we put “1st” like this, you can see that it changed it over there on the right. And if we wanted to change our tagline to Family Favorite Recipes, you’ll see how that changes over there on the right. There are also other options for your header, we can choose to show the site title or not, Sidebar Options, Discussion Options, Social Options, and more.

Another very common section is the “Colors” section. So if you click this little down arrow, you’ll see that you can change the “Accent color”, the “Link color”, the “Text color”, “Secondary text color”, and the “Background”. And then, once you’ve made your changes, you’ll go up to the top here and click “Save & Publish”, and that’ll make sure everything’s saved and finalized so your blog looks just like the preview over here on the right.

I hope you found this quick demo useful. For more videos and how-to guides, please visit us at Take care.


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