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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Brad with And in this video, I’ll be talking about the “Themes” section of your WordPress blog. We’re going to install a new theme, and I’ll show you how you can also search for other themes. We’re going to go over here on the left-hand side to the “Appearance” tab, and we’re going to hover over, and then click on “Themes”.

This initial page will show you the three themes that come with your WordPress installation which is; 2014, 2013, and 2012. If we go to our blog right now and check it out, we’ll see that 2014 has been installed by default. And the theme really controls where things show up on your blog, as well as the colors and the appearance of everything.

Let’s go back to the “Theme” section, and we’re going to be adding a new theme to our WordPress blog. Up top here, we’re going to go up here, and click on “Add New”, and in the “Search Themes” section, in the top right, we’re going to click and type in, Decode which is a free theme that I know of; simple, straightforward, and elegant. It showed up right there. We’ll hover over, and then we’ll click “Install”. What WordPress is going to do is it’s going to download it for us, and then install it onto our blog. Then all we have to do is click “Activate”, and then go back to the front page of our blog, and click “Refresh”. And as simple as that, it’s changed our header, the links, the format and layout of our site. And if I do say so myself, it’s looking pretty nice.

There are other themes out there, both free and paid that you can search for and install. From there, you can make some slight tweaks to get it exactly how you want.

I hope you found this quick demo useful. For more videos and how-to-guides, please visit us at Take care.


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