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Company Overview, Pricing, and Features

Artem Minaev
Updated: December 19th, 2020
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When it comes to the web hosting business, no other company has enjoyed the level of success as 1&1. In fact, it is currently the largest company in the industry, boasting nearly 10 million customers and counting. It is a commitment to being the very best that has made this host the clear cut leader in one of today’s most competitive global markets.

As a firm that has been in the business for nearly two decades, 1&1 certainly knows a thing or two about web hosting. Because size does not make the host, we will help you determine if company is right for your needs with a detailed 1&1 hosting review.

Products and Services

1&1 specializes in just about every facet of the web hosting game. On the menu you will find traditional shared hosting packages, in addition to solutions tailored for those who demand more power. The company is also a leader in the domain name game, an ICANN accredited registrar with more than 10 million domains hosted. From services that power Microsoft Exchange Server to SharePoint and beyond, 1&1’s ability to cater to such wide ranging needs gives it a big leg up on the competition in the variety department.

Basic Features

You are assured a ton of great features when signing up with 1&1. Some of the features up for grabs include the company’s proprietary site builder, FTP access, and a dynamic content creator that allows you to easily add Flash animation to your site. 1&1 also has its own file manager, which gives you a convenient way to bypass FTP clients and keep up with your files from a simple web-based interface. In addition to these features, you receive plenty of bandwidth and disk space to support the growth of your web presence.

Business Features

1&1 is a popular choice with the online business community, and its professional hosting solutions are the attributing factor. The company gives you access to business-friendly features such as multiple email accounts, webmail, spam and virus protection, autoresponders, and adequate storage space. 1&1 provides its own e-commerce system, which includes a shopping cart that lets you create a store to sell your products and services online. With 1&1, you can obtain everything needed to establish and maintain a professional presence in the internet space.

Control Panel

Unlike most web hosting providers that utilize third-party applications, 1&1 builds much of the software it uses in-house. This includes its user-friendly control panel. The 1&1 control panel aims to deliver the simplicity of software like cPanel, Plesk, and others. From a graphical user interface, it allows you to perform actions such as manage emails and domains, create databases, password protect directories, and view the traffic statistics for your website. It also makes it easy and convenient to install the various add-on programs that come included with your hosting account. The1&1 one-click installer allows you to easily install software that ranges from blog platforms to robust content management systems.

Customer Support

Support is one of the most important elements of a good web host. Realizing this, 1&1 steps up to provide its massive base of customers with world class service. The company has a comprehensive support system that operates 24/7, providing a way for you to get the help you need via toll free phone, email, or directly through your control panel. You also have access to extensive online resources that consist of FAQs, tutorials, and bustling community forums. Designed with convenience in mind, the 1&1 support system is designed to make the web hosting experience much easier.


The 1&1 platform is oozing with technological innovation. Offering web solutions in Linux and Windows flavors, it is rich in all the powerful features each system has to offer. Linux packages include MySQL databases, and offer support for Perl, Python, and the latest versions of PHP.

Windows plans are equipped with MS SQL databases, and support for ASP, ASP.NET, AJAX, and the .NET Framework for application development.1&1 gives you immediate access to some of the most highly sought after web technology around.

Service Reliability

Reliability is another crucial factor that must be placed under a microscope when evaluating web hosting services. Part of 1&1’s tremendous success has to do with its commitment to reliability. Being the global web hosting leader, it is no surprise that the company has its own data centers, each facility equipped with top of the line server hardware and the features necessary to keep the operating thriving through rain, sleet, or snow. From onsite security and redundant power to server backups and around the clock monitoring, the 1&1 data centers are built to last.

1&1 is also backed by a world class network comprised of internet connections provided by diverse carriers. Redundant connectivity and advanced routing technology make for a network that ensures exceptional performance and availability whether you need website, email, or dedicated server hosting. With 1&1, you can rest easy by knowing that excessive downtime will not be an issue.


It is not uncommon for today’s web hosting providers to bundle their packages with bonus offerings. This is a clever tactic that offers more value to the customer, and simply makes the service more attractive. 1&1 follows this trend with the offering of many extra perks. Most of them can be found in its Marketing Center, which includes free credits that can be used for advertising campaigns with Google AdWords, and CitySearch. You also receive a free search engine submission, and access to the popular Google Webmaster tools. These bonuses are ideal for promoting your site and add great value to the service.


As the most successful player in the game, we think it is safe to say that 1&1 makes an excellent choice for your web hosting needs. Its solutions are competitively priced, easy to use, and backed by the reliability needed to flourish online. Millions of worldwide customers can’t be wrong.

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