Prepare your site for holiday season and let it snow with 5sec Snow

December is just a few more steps in front of us. For most of the people, this means that the holiday season has slowly started. People went on shopping sprees because it is Black Friday, and you if still haven’t checked awesome WordPress deals for this weekend, we invite you to browse through dozens of great deals.

When we talk about the holiday season, snow is something tightly associated with it. Even if you live in the parts of the world that don’t get snowflakes during this season, or it simply hasn’t started to snow yet, that doesn’t mean your website should suffer. To prepare your site for Christmas and the entire holiday season, you should start by enabling virtual snow. You can start with tiny snowflakes and surprise your visitors with a blizzard when the time is right. So, how to add snow to your site?

Adding snow to your WordPress or any other site is easy and fun with 5sec Snow. And since it’s the start of the season, you can get this amazing plugin for just $5!

5sec Snow

PRICE: $10 $5

5sec Snow

This premium plugin can be found on CodeCanyon where it has earned the trust of more than 800 happy customers. Over five years, people have been using 5sec Snow for their websites all over the world. An average score of 4.56 is based on 149 ratings, and it tells you what people think about the plugin.

Since the developers bundled both WordPress and non-WordPress version in the package, you can relax and install the snow on any site you own. The plugin works with all themes, frameworks and layouts so you don’t have to worry about your virtual snowflakes – they will keep on falling no matter what!

Key features

  • 8 snowflakes types
  • flakes don’t cover elements on the site
  • 8 options for snow customization
  • turn snowflakes into links
  • users can stop the snow anytime
  • highly optimized code for the fast plugin
  • WordPress and non-WordPress versions bundled

Flake types

The first thing you will want to do after installation of the plugin is to customize your personal snow. Simply navigate to Appearance -> 5Sec Snow where you will find all the customization options. Enable the snow and start personalizing it for your website.

Try out different variationstiny, medium, blizzard, frozen, presents, clickable presents, ornaments and HTML flakes

There are eight different types of snowflakes you can choose from. Select tiny or medium flakes, start a blizzard, freeze the flakes, change them to ornaments, presents or use HTML snowflakes. If you want to make them interactive, you should use clickable presents which are an excellent way to engage your users. By allowing gifts to fall from your site, you can easily organize sweepstakes and games for your visitors.

Customization options

Once you decide what are your flakes going to look like, you can start with a more detailed customization. By default, the plugin will show 30 snowflakes on the screen at the time, but you get to change that to any number you want. Put only five snowflakes on the screen which aren’t going to distract your visitors or put those same visitors into a blizzard with more than one hundred flakes on their screens – it’s up to you.

5sec Snow settings

You can also change the falling speed, and control the wind speed which will move the snow from left to right. If you want your snowflakes to rotate, just choose the option (unfortunately, if you are using Internet Explorer, you can forget about this option).

To make it more natural, you can let the snow melt on the bottom of the screen and decide how fast is that going to happen.

Control the plugin

Although 5sec Snow is a simple plugin, you get a total control over it. After all the customization option, you get to change some of the advanced settings. For starters, you can set a date which will be the end of your virtual snow. Instead of worrying about snow falling weeks after the season is over, you can schedule the weather change automatically.

By filling the HTML textbox, you can create a simple (or more complex) notification on your site. This button will turn off the snow for any user who doesn’t like it. By enabling the option, you don’t have to worry about visitors leaving because they didn’t like your snow creation. They will be able to quickly turn it off and continue on browsing like nothing happened. Awesome, isn’t it?

5sec Snow presents

If you are concerned about mobile visitors, you should know that the snow can be turned off for small screen sizes. Simply choose the resolution which will trigger the off button, so anyone who loads your site with a display size lower than that won’t see the snow by default.

If you liked the snow for your site, you might want to further decorate it for the holiday season. We already showed you how to decorate your WordPress site for holidays with Xmas Widget. Also, we are about to introduce more WordPress plugins for the holiday season so make sure that you subscribe and check out new articles on WP Loop.

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