A Primer To Tackling Deadlines

No matter which field you are working in, the pressure of getting the work done ON TIME is surely not a pleasant feeling.

Yes, we are talking about deadlines. In our contemporary world, “deadline” is one of the most used and oft-feared word. So, how does one tackle deadlines? Of course, staying productive and keeping a good pace is the key, but how exactly do you attain and retain a good pace with your work? In this article, we shall seek answers to the same!

A Primer To Tackling Deadlines

Try To Be Ahead… Really, Ahead.

Picturize it this way: if the project is due this coming Monday, how about you finalize and finish it off by Friday itself, so that you can have both the pleasure of a wonderful weekend (oh yes, holidays are sweeter after a good day’s hard work, aren’t they?) as well as the joy of beating a deadline by a mile.

While staying on track and actually getting ahead of deadlines is easier said than done, it is not a very difficult task either. All you have to do is stay focused and keep track of your calendar dates. If you manage to stay on track with your work, rest assured, you will surely get ahead of the deadline. Just remember that even if you fail to actually get ahead of the deadline, you might, at the worst, end up meeting it on time. A win-win scenario, isn’t it?

Be Realistic.

No matter how talented and skilled you are, at the end of the day, you are only a human being. Adhere to realistic deadlines — do not promise a stiff deadline to your client or boss, or even to yourself, simply to impress. A better idea will be to focus on good quality output, rather than hasty and unimpressive results.

However, being realistic does not mean postponing dates for weeks and even months! For example, if something should rightfully be done by the morning, but you are finding it too difficult to adhere to, you can try negotiating for the evening, not next week. Just know that you need to keep a good deal of breathing space when deciding your deadlines.

Be Productive.

This one is fairly simple and straight-forward, and also the most important. If you are not regular and serious with your work, you will not be able to meet deadlines, no matter how lenient or stiff they are! You need to be enthusiastic about your work, irrespective of your field of work or study, as well as be willing to put in efforts and work hard towards achieving your goal.

When it comes to productivity, there are multiple things that you can do to boost your scores. For a start, keeping a To Do list or notepad really helps a lot in helping you stay organized as well as keeping track of things that you have done, are doing and will need to do. Beyond that, you should also stay in regular touch with other people who are involved with the project (be it the clients, boss or co-workers) — remember, the primary purpose of adhering to deadlines is to establish a good image of yourself in professional terms, and good communication almost always helps in building a good professional image.

Keep Yourself in Mind.

Nah, do not be selfish.

Instead, you should know that by meeting a deadline on time, you are doing yourself a huge favor. Not only will you send a good message about yourself to your co-workers and clients and boost your chances of getting appreciation and if applicable, better deals at work, you will also spare yourself the trauma of last-minute hard work and stressful nights. Trust me, the key goal behind any job is to make your life a peaceful journey, free from tensions of joblessness and lack of funds; and if you are able to adhere to work deadlines on time, you will contribute foremost to your own peace of mind.

How do you tackle deadlines at work? Got any strategies of your own? Share them with the world using the comments below!

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