Add lazy loading for your videos and images in WordPress

Once you start adding a lot of video and image material on your website, it is obvious that it will start loading slower. No matter where they come from, videos and big images will act like a heavy weight on your site and will make your visitors wait much longer than needed to load all the content. With WordPress, that shouldn’t be a big deal and here is how you can easily fix the situation.

If you know your way around PHP, there is a great article about adding lazy loading for images and infinite scroll written by our colleagues on Elegant Themes.

If not, in the next few lines we will mention some of the most popular lazy loading plugins which will make your site load faster. And you won’t even have to do much but to install a plugin and set it up in few quick steps.

Lazy Load for Videos

PRICE: free

If you have a lot of Youtube and Vimeo videos, you should consider installing this plugin. Once you set it up, the plugin will place an image over your video and because of that your website will load much faster. Once a visitor scrolls to a video, this image will be shown with a “play” button over it. After a click, video will start loading and playing. A simple demo can be viewed on a developer’s site.

WP YouTube Lyte

PRICE: free

This plugin will do its job in a quick and easy way. After installing it, just add a link to your Youtube video or use a shortcode to add one. You can choose between adding a normal video, playlist or only audio from selected video. After that, your Youtube videos will get an image over it which will enable lazy loading. Just click on the image to make your video or audio start.
See a demo on developer’s site.

a3 Lazy Load

PRICE: free

This one is dedicated to your mobile site. If you have a lot of images and/or videos which you want to show to your visitors on mobile devices, you should take a look at a3 Lazy Load. It will allow you to add lazy loading to your images and videos and the plugin will even let you choose transition effects which will appear to users while they scroll through the content which is loading.

In the admin area, you can easily turn on and off the content you want to lazy load. For those turned on, content will be loaded only at the time a visitor scrolls to that part of the content.
There is a nicely shown demo which features 1000 images – each is loaded only once you scroll to it. As this plugin lazy load videos, too, there is a video demo you can see by clicking the link above.

BJ Lazy Load

PRICE: free

If you don’t need support for videos and only want your images to lazy load, you should check out this WP plugin. Once installed and set up, it will replace your images, thumbnails, Gravatar pictures and even iframes with a placeholder. Similar to a previously mentioned plugin, it will load content only once a user comes to it.

Whether it is images or videos you want to lazy load, one of above mentioned plugins will help you in a matter of second. All of them are free so there is no excuse in not trying at least one of the plugins and see how much weight of your shoulders will it take. Of course, there are many other plugins with the same function and you are free to browse and try all of them.


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