PayPal button is important – show it without any fuss

If you want to add a PayPal button for easy payment or donation and you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to show you how to add the button in just a few steps without using a plugin.

If you prefer using a plugin for this kind of job so you don’t have to mess with any kind of code, in the following days we will show you the best plugins for adding PayPal payment/donation buttons.

Login to PayPal:

  1. Navigate to and log in to your PayPal account
  2. Choose settings from the menu (a small gear icon on the right side)
  3. Find My Profle page and follow Selling Tools link
  4. There you will find PayPall buttons where you need to click “Get Started”


Create a button:

  1. Choose whether you want Buy Now or Donate button
  2. Do not customize the button because you’re going to use a picture instead
  3. Unless you are a Business or a Premium user, be sure to check ” Use my primary email address” option and enter the e-mail you’re using with PayPal
  4. Click “Create Button”

Now that the button is created, you have two different codes that you can use to implement the button on your website. Now, you might think it is easy as explained in the tab names, but it really is not. You do not want Website tab because WordPress won’t let you use that code. So check the e-mail tab and copy the given link.

Create a link out of your button:

  1. Open Text Editor in WordPress
  2. Add image you want to use as a button (official button images can be found below)
  3. Copy the link you found in the previous steps and link it to the image
  4. Preview you post/page or publish and check your PayPal button to see if everything is working as it should


Official PayPal button images:

Buy Now Button  

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards  

Small Buy Now Button  

Donate Button  

Donate Button with Credit Cards  

Small Donate Button  

Make a Donation Button 

PayPal Donate Button  

Square Donate Button

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