How to add QR codes to your WordPress posts

QR code or Quick Response code is two-dimensional bar code which was introduced by automotive industry. This matrix barcode usually contains additional information about a product which is attached to. You have probably seen QR codes in magazines, newspapers or all over the Internet.

For example, if you saw a commercial for a new car, you might have seen a QR code next to it. After you scan the code with your mobile device, it will link you to the official website of the car manufacturer or it will simply leave you with more info about the car.

Maybe you have wondered if it is possible to create a QR code with WordPress. The short answer is – of course, it is, and it is actually easier than you think. You can swiftly create codes in your posts and pages and provide additional information for your mobile visitors. You can leave your contact information in a code, give the extra explanation or even save a link to a certain page.

QR Codes


QR Code Generator

In the next few lines, we’re going to show you a plugin which will help you create your own QR codes. The plugin’s known as QR Code Generator and it can be freely downloaded from WordPress repository. When you install and activate the plugin, you are ready to use shortcodes which come with it.

If all you need is a link to current post/page, you only have to add [qrcode] wherever you want the code to appear.

If you want to create a QR with custom text in it, you will need the following shortcode:

[qrcode content=”CONTENT” size=”120″ alt=”ALT_TEXT” class=”CLASS_NAME”]

To make your own text appear once a mobile user scans the code, you should change the content=”CONTENT” text under apostrophes to anything you want. As you can see, there are several parameters you can include in the shortcode. If you don’t use them, defaults are:

alt = “Scan the QR Code” size = 120 class=”” credit = true shadow = true

Alt – text which is being used if the image can’t be loaded

– size of QR code image in pixels. Change it to any size you want on your site

Class – add a class to your QR Code if you need to add a special style to it

Credit – If set to true, there will be a small text which credits the creators of the plugin. If you don’t want to have it on your site, set credit to false

Shadow – If set to true, your QR Code image will cast a shadow

That’s all you need to create simple QR Codes in your WordPress posts. How do you like QR Codes? Do you scan the codes yourself to get more information about a product you’re interested in?

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