How to create tables with TinyMCE Advanced

WordPress comes with two editors which can help you a lot with writing and editing text, inserting images, links and even HTML and CSS code. When you take a look at Visual and Text editor, you will find those very similar to any other simple text editor (especially when you work with the Visual editor). You can easily change text sizes, fonts, there are buttons for accessing media library, etc. But if you have searched a button which will add a table in your article, you have left empty handed.

If you know your way around HTML and CSS, you could go to Text editor and create a table by coding one. That might be acceptable if you need one simple table. Even if you use a third party HTML table generator which can be found all over the Internet, you still have to create each and every table manually and copy/paste the code.

Of course, there are better solutions. You can use one of the best plugins for creating tables or you can enhance your Visual editor with this simple but powerful plugin. In this article, we’re going to show you how to use the power of TinyMCE Advanced to create tables.

TinyMCE Advanced


TinyMCE Advanced

This awesome plugin is currently used by over 1 million users all over the world and it lets you play around with buttons in the Visual editor. You can easily add new buttons, remove ones you don’t use and rearrange ones you want to be always accessible. Among all these options, there is an option to add a table button which allows you to create and edit table directly in the Visual Editor.

  1. Go to plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for TinyMCE Advanced
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Navigate to Settings -> TinyMCE Advanced:
  5. Here you can start with enhancing your Visual Editor. Simply drag and drop menu items and arrange them like you want. There are some options you can play with but in this article, we are focusing on tables.

    As you can see from the menu, the table icon is automatically placed in the line-up. Also, if you leave the editor menu turned on, you can have your tables from the drop-down list.

  6. After creating your new work area, don’t forget to save changes
  7. Go to Posts -> Add New or open an existing one
  8. Be sure to select Visual editor tab
  9. Find the table icon or use a dropdown list menu to select it

There you go. You are ready to insert your first table. To start with, you can simply move your mouse over little cells and choose the size of your new table. The table will be inserted in your post, and since you’re working a Visual editor, you are free to drag its corners and sides to resize the table easily.

If you want more control over your table, go to Table Properties where you can set table borders, colors, spacing and more. If you have ever worked with Microsoft Word tables or ones in a similar text editor, you’ll find similar abilities like merging rows or columns, copying/cutting/pasting elements and editing those however you want.

This will probably be enough for many of you, but if you want even more control over your tables, don’t forget to check some of the best plugins for creating tables in WordPress.


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