Allow visitors to inform you about spelling errors

If you are writing articles on daily basis, it is normal to mistype something or to have few spelling errors in your articles. Even if you’re using spellchecker and if you go through your articles carefully before publishing them, we’re sure you will still have spelling errors – everyone does.

While making mistakes is normal, if you’re perfectionist and you can’t stand those small typos, you might already have someone in charge of proofreading your articles. While this is always a good idea, instead, you can let your diligent readers let you know about spelling errors. And now, with WordPress, you can hire every reader as a proofreader. In our experience, people like to point out someone else’s mistakes, so why wouldn’t you benefit from it? Instead of letting people comment on how you made a mistake and laugh about it or call you stupid, let them notify you about that and let them help you in creating a better article.


PRICE: free

Mistape is a free WordPress plugin which will allow your visitors to do just that – notify you about spelling errors. Once you activate the plugin, every reader will be able to select a word or an entire sentence where they had found an error and notify you by hitting CTRL+ENTER key combo.

You can allow visitors to select text in your posts, pages and media and even modify the text which will be shown to them after the selection is made. You can make everything even more beautiful by showing an image instead of a simple text; it’s up to you.

After a user decides to send you a notice, administrators or editors can be notified about it or you can decide to set a new email where the information about all errors will be sent. Of course, if you have a lot of visitors, you can expect a lot of emails that have no sense at all. We’re sure there will be few of mischiefs who will notify you even if there is no error.

If you want to enable the plugin only on particular place on your site, there is already a shortcode ready for you. For example, if you don’t want each and every post to be scrutinized by your readers, you can prepare the shortcode and allow only some of the articles to be checked by your readers. The shortcode comes packed with 4 parameters which are really easy to use and there is a help file included which will teach you how to use them.

Mistape is a really lightweight plugin and won’t take much of your resources. As you can see, it is also very simple so you can set it up in minutes.

Have you tried the plugin yet? How do you like Mistape so far? Are your visitors being helpful?

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