Anatomy of a Search Engine [Infographic]

This year’s stats are finally here – 80.19% of all internet surfers use Google as their primary search engine. While googling is still a global phenomenon, and it will be for some time, it’s far from being the only viable option. Your choice may vary depending on the sort of result you want to find, the interface you feel most comfortable using, and the options needed for broadening or tightening a search. But, when it comes to delivering on these three criterions, search engines are far more complex than we usually believe.

From the moment you type a keyword to the moment the results are presented on your screen, most search engines are programmed to follow a similar protocol. Though almost instantaneous and mostly successful, these operations are multistep and highly intuitive.

Consequently, search results are being ranked according to numerous factors, including those customer-tailored ones that imply the user’s native language, location, type of device, typical online behavior, and intent. If to that you add signals like web page authority and filters like keyword repetition or obsolescence, what you get is, in 93% of cases, exactly what you’ve asked for.

Clearly, these sorts of algorithms are far too composite for regular users like ourselves to brood about. Then again, so is the World Wide Web itself. The only important thing, at the end of the day, is that search engines have evolved enough to empower us with a deeper and more precise insight into the bottomless pit that cyberspace is.

Whether you need to find critical information that your business project depends on, or the best psychological thriller you still haven’t seen, your search engine will deliver. And, in case you’re still wondering how our infographic will provide you with all the information you need.


search engine anatomy infographic


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