Automatically add YouTube videos in WordPress

YouTube is 11-year-olds and it has definitely changed the way people think about video on the Internet. Although there are few other services which are quite popular among users all over the world, Google’s video service is still number one for many of us.

Because of that, WordPress developers made sure that embedding YouTube videos is easy even when you’re just starting out with your blog. And it really is. To embed any video from the popular service, all you have to do is copy and paste video URL and WordPress will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can copy and paste iframe code to the text editor where you can easily change width and height and manipulate the video by changing a few parameters.

If you want to, you can show a video in a lightbox, you can automatically change width for every embedded video or you can add YouTube analytics if you run your own channel.

But what if you wanted to automatically add videos in your posts and pages or automatically create a post from YouTube video? Yes, that is possible and in this article, we’re about to show you a plugin which can help you quite a lot with that.

YouTube Video importer is a free plugin which will do the work for you.

Youtube Video Importer


Youtube Video Importer

After you create and enter your own YouTube API key, the fun can begin. This plugin features tons of options which will guide WordPress through video embedding automatization.

To start with, it is enough to enter video ID in the plugin and it can publish a complete video post for you in a click of the button. Since the plugin can make a regular post out of your video, that means that you can select video status – it can be automatically published or can be added in drafts or pending posts. You have a complete control over the import.

If you want to bulk import videos, it is possible to set how frequently videos will be imported and you can decide how each will be embedded.

You can place videos as stand-alone posts where you show all meta-data; the plugin will write a post out of video description, put a title and it can even take the image of the video and save it as your post thumbnail. On the other hand, you can add videos to existing content simply by putting a shortcode into a post.

Choose a search query, a user playlist or a YouTube playlist and manually decide which videos you want to import. For example, you only need to write a username in the plugin and it will load all videos from that Youtuber. Then, you can publish one, dozen or a hundred videos if you want to.

In the end, this plugin does exactly what its name suggests – it completely automatizes the process of adding videos to your WordPress and leaves you with no worries. If you have your own YouTube channel where you run your vlog or just frequently publish video reviews, your music or you simply want to automatically republish new movie trailers, take some time to give this free plugin a test and you might never remove it from your plugin list.

If you don’t want to leave your video posts to a free plugin, you can find almost the same premium one which guarantees quality and gives you support for six months.

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