8 best WordPress AdSense themes for high CTR

This blog post is crafted for the bloggers and digital marketers who are searching for some best AdSense ready WordPress themes to get the suitable one for their website.
There is no doubt that the Google AdSense is the excellent contextual advertising network with which the online publishers can make a massive income every month.

Being an AdSense user for more than 8 years (I got Adsense approval in 2008), I would say that getting the account approval is not a rocket science. Yes, you just need to be familiar with their program policies to get the authorization easily.

I hope that you have got the Google AdSense account for your WordPress site, and hence you are looking for some best WordPress AdSense themes to perform better.

Finding an excellent AdSense friendly theme can be a daunting task as there exists a ton of templates that claim that they are the best in offering the ad ready design for the WordPress sites.

To help you get the great WordPress advertising theme, I have taken a nice opportunity to gather some best ad-optimized WordPress themes through this guest post.

But before getting into the details of some stunning ads WordPress theme list, let me tell you how to select a nice WordPress theme for AdSense CTR (click through rate).

Things To Consider While Choosing WordPress Theme For Adsense

You should have the following things in mind when getting the best AdSense WordPress theme for your site.

1. Clean & Elegant

Select the finest WordPress theme for AdSense that has a precise look with enough white space to grab the readers’ attention. It should not contain the distraction elements and annoying navigation.

Pick a minimal theme that looks clean and supports the visitors to click the ads.

2. Suitable for High CTR

It would be better to choose the template that lets you display the ads above the fold area (Audience should see the ads without scrolling down the page). Ex: At the header, Below the post title.
Also, the theme should be optimized to insert the ads at the beginning & end of the content and sidebar as well.

3. SEO & Speed Optimized

It is more likely to make huge money from AdSense by driving the targeted visitors. The readers from search engines are the intended audience and hence you should opt an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that boasts Schema & HTML5 Markup, Responsive, Built-in Breadcrumbs features.

Moreover, you might be aware that the site loading speed is a search engine ranking factor of the website and therefore, your choice should be an entirely optimized theme that would make your WordPress site load blazing fast. Keep it in mind that if you have a slow loading site, people will leave your site without checking your ads and content. So, I suggest that you check out these 10 fast loading themes for WordPress.

4. Easy Ad Settings & Affordable

An excellent WordPress Theme for AdSense should contain the simple settings to fix the ads at the commonsensical locations of the site where the readers would like to hit. There should not be any uncertainty in incorporating the advertisements to your WordPress site.

Most of the premium WP templates claim that they are the best ad ready theme, but they may make the site look spammy by adding the ads everywhere. These WP themes are usually high-priced and never let you build a beautiful site. So, check the ad setting easiness of the theme and its price before buying.

8 Excellent AdSense Ready WordPress Themes

Once you have recognized the features of the theme to look for AdSense CTR, you will be able to pick the excellent ad-friendly WordPress theme for huge income.

Now, I’m going to list 8 exceptional AdSense ready WordPress themes that possess all the qualities that I have listed above. Hence, you can quickly pick the best one according to your requirements from the below list!



PRICE: $29

Admania WordPress theme

Admania is a freshly launched WordPress theme on ThemeForest which is specially optimized for custom ads and Google Adsense. It has 4 awesome layouts that come with built-in ad support and lets you place the AdSense ads and the affiliate banners at the reasonable places of your website.

I would say that it is a highly optimized theme for placing AdSense ads quickly through the “Front End Ad Editor.” With this elegant design, you could give a visual treat to your audience and nudge them to click the placed ads. This is one of the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes as you can place the ads at the high-conversion places.

  • More than 15 tactical Ad spots
  • You can add Ads in 3 different formats (HTML Code, Google responsive AdSense code & Image link ad)
  • Add/Edit Ads easily through Front end ad editor

AdSense From MyThemeShop

PRICE: $59

Adsense From MyThemeShop

Ad-Sense from MyThemeShop is a cleverly-built theme for excellent ad management. You can place the ads in a better way and make more money with AdSense. It supports responsive Google ads and maximizes the ad-clicks without frustrating your readers.

Comprising ad-blocking feature is the highlight of this ad ready WordPress theme. Yes, if your visitors use the ad blocker plugin, this completely optimized theme for Google AdSense hides the content and ask them to stop blocking ads to get benefit from your content.

  • Excellent Ad management preferences
  • Ad blocking detection software
  • Woo commerce ready


PRICE: $59


Grimag is a dynamic WordPress theme that can be used for AdSense earning focused sites and it can help you make huge monetary benefit. With this great AdSense ready WordPress theme, you can blend the content with ads and present a visually pleasing site for your readers.

Since you can place the advertisements at the prominent spots, they would not get the cluttered atmosphere while reading the content. At the same time, they would show the keen interest in looking the ad details that are placed in the agreeable site locations.

  • Emphasize ads and gain huge profits from content
  • Good design quality and simple customization settings
  • BBPress & BuddyPress ready


PRICE: $59


Newspaper is an elegant and powerful WordPress theme, that’s best optimized to let you monetize your website. Being the best selling news and magazine website, this theme is highly customizable and includes multiple choices to style your site’s appearance.

With over 18 custom spots available, your ads have even more visibility. The Newspaper theme is powered by tagDiv Composer, a live editing page builder, with hundreds of draggable elements.

  • Responsive Ads and Google AdSense support
  • Customization with Frontend Editing
  • 40+ Amazing Premade Demos

Magazine Pro from StudioPress

PRICE: $99.95

Magazine Pro from StudioPress Genesis theme

For Genesis WordPress theme fans, here comes an ideal ad optimized WordPress theme and yes, it is Magazine Pro theme from StudioPress. It is a flexible theme that has ads ready nature that could raise your CTR

Even though it is an AdSense optimized WordPress theme, there is no impact on its elegant look. You will adore its responsive feature and be ready to upgrade your revenue from AdSense by getting good ad clicks on mobile gadgets.

  • Inbuilt Ad widgets for better CTR
  • Glossy look and versatile layouts
  • Custom page templates & Homepage widgets

Wimple Pro

PRICE: $39

Wimple Pro

If you’re looking for a nice theme that optimizes advertising revenue, you may get this clean designed WordPress template. This Ad-optimized theme supports flexible settings to display the ads in primary locations. Theme installation is easy, and it can be done with just a click.

Wimple Pro allows you to test the ad appearance that your readers respond to most through the styling and functionality options and boosts the CTR. So, it would be a perfect theme for AdSense niche sites that can acquire a regular income from the ads that you are placing at the logical points.

  • Functionality preferences to show SuperAds
  • Lightweight theme
  • Unlimited sidebar & Custom widgets

ReviewPro From Theme Junkie

PRICE: $39

ReviewPro From Theme Junkie

If you hunt for a perfect layout for your deals or coupons based website with inbuilt review feature, then your choice should be ReviewPro WordPress theme from Theme Junkie.

This eye-catching design offers strategic Ad localities at more than 7 different places. Since it boasts stunning elements to make a fabulous site, you can make good profits by exhibiting the ad banners.

  • 7+ Ad spots including Footer
  • Custom page templates & stylish Mega menu
  • Drag & Drop page builder

ClickRight from ThemeBounce

PRICE: $19

Click Right from ThemeBounce

Click Right from ThemeBounce claims that it is the noiseless WordPress theme designed to increase your Ad revenue. It has targeted Ad placements focusing on grabbing your readers’ eyeballs by engaging them with your content.

This SEO friendly WordPress template not only raises your Ad profits but also lowers the bounce rate of your site. Customization is simple with unlimited color choices, and thus you don’t need to worry about building a unique site to stand out from the horde.

  • Enhance Ad Income
  • Custom colors
  • 60 months money back guarantee

CTR Theme Plus

PRICE: $67

CTR Theme Plus

CTR Theme Plus is a fantastic template that can be efficiently used to build the AdSense sites with great CTR. Google recommended Ad placements, Ad randomization to fight against Ad blindness, and Automatic ad hiding preferences are the notable features of this best AdSense WordPress theme.

With the well-optimized ad placement options of this theme, it is more likely to get awesome click-through rates and recurring income from AdSense. This WP ad ready theme has the full-featured control panel to place the AdSense codes without any difficulty.

  • Several subthemes designs that highlight the ad placements
  • Display Ads at random places
  • CTR Google search widgets

Final Words

AdSense is a prominent method to make revenue from a WordPress site. The exact size and placement of the ads would boost the CTR.

Some theme designers have made the amazing ad optimized WordPress theme for high CTR that help you balance the content and ads and make your site look visually appealing.

How to make more income from AdSense monetization method?

 Get the best Ad optimized WordPress theme > Craft valuable content > Perform SEO > Get high earnings from Ads

I have done my best in gathering the best WordPress theme for AdSense with lots of CTR potentials which would help you add the advertisement at the strategic locations on your website.

Last week, I have purchased the Ad ready WordPress theme, Admania for my niche site and it is performing well. I am able to display the ads wherever I want and got excellent support from the design team.

So, what is your opinion about this post? Which is the best WordPress theme for AdSense niche site to make more money from advertisements?

Do you wish to recommend few more AdSense ready WordPress themes for high CTR? Are you using any other amazing WordPress theme for Ad monetized site? Share your viewpoints in the comment section, let’s discuss!

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  1. Hi
    Recently I have launched cbsetoday.com , an adsense aware educational wordpress based blog but instead of custom placed location for adsense I used ad-injection for adsense and the results are fantastic.
    So in my opinion any theme can be converted into adsense ready theme with ad injection wordpress plugin.
    This list is all those who is not willing to add any extra plugin.

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