Best age verification plugins for WordPress

Once you install WordPress, it will be really easy to create a simple website and to start publishing content in a matter of minutes. But sometimes you are not allowed to show specific content to everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your legal, moral or social obligation, sometimes you have to tell people the content on your website isn’t for everyone.

Yes, it is easy just to tell people not to do something, but what if you want to make a visitor enter their age before accessing your site? You can do that very quickly in WordPress if you are using a plugin.

It doesn’t matter what is the reason behind age verification; if you need one, you need a good plugin to make it happen. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best age verification plugins.

Age Verifier for WordPress

PRICE: $13

Age Verifier for WordPress
This responsive and touch-ready premium plugin is a great choice if you need to verify a visitor’s age before entering your website. It comes with three different modes, so you can ask your visitors to enter their age, put a slider which visitor can drag to set their age or you can choose a simple checkbox which a visitor can use to confirm he or she is over the certain age. There are 9 color presets you can choose from but you are free to set any colors you want. Everything is easy to install and set up while everything is done via editor so you don’t have to write or even copy and paste a single line of code.

  • 3 modes
  • 9 color presets
  • Responsive and touch-ready


Adults Only Verification System for WordPress

PRICE: $18

Adults Only Age Verification System for WordPress
If you are running a website with adult content, here’s another great plugin you might want on your WordPress site. There are several methods of verifying your visitor’s age – choose from simple links, text areas or make your visitors choose their age from the dropdown list. You can easily reorder your list the way you want it. If you want even more, the plugin gives you the ability to let people agree/disagree with your terms of use before continuing. The plugin is highly customizable, supports shortcodes for even more control over the content and lets you redirect users to different landing pages.

  • Multiple modes
  • Make people agree with terms of use
  • Shortcodes


Age Verify


Age Verifiy
If you don’t need much from an age verify plugin, you might be interested in a free one. Age Verify lets you place a buffer zone between a visitor and your content until visitors verify their age. You can easily change the age needed to access the site, change the time your site will remember a user, edit heading, description and even customize the looks of the plugin. Since the plugin is free, don’t expect the verification page to be visually stunning. Knowing that it doesn’t cost you anything to install the plugin, set a demo page in a click or two and see if it fits your page

  • Free and simple
  • Choose not to verify site members
  • Choose the time the plugin will have a visitor’s age in memory
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