Best author biography plugins for WordPress

At the end of almost any blog you have come across, you have probably noticed there is some short info about the author. The information is usually presented in a simple box where a picture, name and few personal details are presented.

By placing author’s biography in an article, you are connecting with your visitors and you give them a chance to know at least something about the person who wrote the article. You give them a chance to connect with the author and have an even better understanding of content.

Not only that; author biography plugins can allow your visitors to find all articles written by specific author and to contact him via e-mail or social network.

It doesn’t matter what are the reasons for placing one of the author biography plugins on your website, in this article, we’re about to show you some of the best plugins which will help you do just that.

Sexy Author Bio


Sexy Author Bio

Let’s start the list with a free plugin which will definitely attract you with its name – who wouldn’t want a sexy author bio for themselves? The plugin creates a box which supports one or multiple authors. It is responsive which means you don’t have to worry about resizing the page where your biography is being displayed. The plugin can show up to 5 social media icons which can link to author’s Facebook pages and many more social media sites you can choose from. Sexy Author Bio lets you customize many of its features so you can change gravatar icon sizes, font size and color, background, and much more. Once you create your bio box, you will get a shortcode which you can place anywhere you want your sexy biography to be displayed.

  • Up to 5 social network icons
  • Responsive
  • Customizable

Fanciest Author Box

PRICE: $17

Fanciest Author Bio

This premium plugin is a great choice for those of you who want more control over their author biography. Whether you need to display your own biography or you have more than one author, the plugin gets you covered. It looks nice and it can display different widgets which let you connect with the audience and increase conversions. Among biography tab itself and several social network icons you can place in the box, you are free to add latest author posts and a custom HTML which you can customize to your needs. The plugin comes with a color picker so you can colorize your widgets. It works automatically which means you only have to select where you want your box to appear (for example, before or after a post/page). There is an RSS feed author box, the plugin is translation and retina ready, features random author posts for widgets, lazy load and much more.

  • Different customizable widgets
  • Social network icons
  • Custom HTML tab

CCR Author Bio WP Plugin

PRICE: $14

CCR Author Bio

This premium plugin gives you a customizable author box with many features you can easily set in tabs. There is a place for your picture and biography, a social media tab where you can connect visitors and authors, recent posts and recent comments section which filters content from a particular author. The plugin works great on mobile browsers because it is responsive and there is an automatic accordion system which makes the author box more compact. There are unlimited colors to choose from and many other powerful options. You can get a quick preview of the plugin by watching a demo video which shows what CCR Author Bio is capable of.

  • Responsive and accordion system
  • Different tabs option
  • Unlimited color options

Elite Members

PRICE: $11

Elite Member

If you want to show authors with the largest number of posts or the ones who have contributed the most to your website, this premium plugin is one you’re looking for. It can display your authors in lists or grids, plus there are several layouts you can choose from. The author box created by Elite Members plugin looks very attractive and will go great with any website – extra jQuery effects will make the box look stunning. There are a biography and social media fields while you can create custom ones to personalize the look and feel of the plugin. There is an automatic insertion available but you are free to use a simple shortcode to place the author box anywhere you want. The plugin is highly customizable and ready to make your site even more awesome.

  • 3 box and 4 listings styles
  • jQuery effects
  • Extra profile fields

Simple Author Box


Simple Author Box

You can get a picture of this plugin simply by reading its name – it is simple, clean and easy to use. For those of you who don’t need too much from a biography plugin, Simple Author Plugin could be a great choice. It creates a stylish and modern looking author bio box where you show author’s photograph (gravatar), 30 social network icons to choose from and of course a place for a short biography. The plugin is responsive which is a great thing for your mobile site and you can set an effect which will rotate the box on mouse-over. The plugin is customizable so you can easily make it a part of your theme, but you have to know it can only be placed at the end of each article – there is no option to include the box on top of your post or in a sidebar/footer as a widget.

  • Simple, stylish and modern
  • Responsive and customizable
  • Can be displayed only at the end of a post/page


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