The Best Email Finder Tools in 2024 – Free and Paid

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Email Finder Tool for Your Business

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: January 7th, 2024
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The Best Email Finder Tools in 2024 – Free and Paid

Promising prospects take time to find. Over 40% of professional salespeople concur that prospecting is the most challenging sales process phase. Businesses spend a fortune building the best possible strategy to overcome this challenge. The most efficient way to contact prospects is via email.

Of all available communication channels, email is the best for reaching out and converting leads. The latest stats show that it performs better than social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Email finder tools are software solutions to help you discover relevant and accurate personal and business email addresses online. However, since hundreds of these tools are on the market, you may need help selecting the right one for your organization.


Top 10 email finder tools (free & paid)

At FirstSiteGuide, we’ve put dozens of email finder tools to the test. Below you can find a list of the ten best ones, including free and paid solutions, an inventory of essential features to consider, and tips for selecting the most suitable service for your needs.

LeadFuze — Third-party validation 

leadfuze homepage

LeadFuze was developed from the ground up as a completely automated lead generation tool with excellent email finder capabilities. You can use it to automate building email lists of prospects and leads. Its value comes from the support of CRM and outreach tools that you can use alongside LeadFuze to build lists and sync them with your software hassle-free.

LeadFuze comes with a third-party validation service to ensure that your list is most accurate, up-to-date, and free of competitors’ and existing customers’ email addresses. LeadFuze is an excellent solution if you plan to scale up, as it comes with support for phone number collection and ad targeting.

Key features

  • Access to thousands of sources – LeadFuze aggregates information across thousands of online sources and from hundreds of millions of people;
  • Niche targeting – use filters to find ideal prospects for your offer;
  • Account-based search – find a specific person in a few simple clicks;
  • AI-based automation – use an AI assistant to find and add new prospects automatically; and
  • Third-party validation – be 100% sure that all of your emails are accurate and up to date.


LeadFuze offers three pricing plans, including Unlimited, Scaling, and Custom.

  • $397 per month

Unlimited comes with unlimited lead credits per month, unlimited lists, account and market-based search filters, AI automation, ignore lists, integrations, and de-duplication.

  • $497 per month

Scaling includes everything in the Unlimited plan, as well as no annual commitment, and a limit of 2,500 lead credits per month.

  • Custom pricing

The custom plan is for individuals and businesses needing a custom email finder service.

Visit LeadFuze for additional information >>

Voila Norbert — Automatic email validation 

voila homepage

Voila Norbert is a sophisticated email finder platform focusing on email validation. To protect your reputation as a sender and ensure that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder, Voila Norbert will automatically validate all emails before sending messages.

This platform sources emails from various websites and ensures that all emails are accurate. You can use its search feature to streamline prospecting. Plus, you can add Norbert Chrome Extension to find and store prospects’ contact information.

Key features

  • Email validation – ensure high email open and engagement rates while maintaining a good sender reputation;
  • Advanced search – search by prospect name and company to identify decision makers;
  • Chrome extension – use all Norbert features as you prospect online in real time;
  • Lead syncing – use Norbert along MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, and Pipedrive; and
  • Enriched database – find details about your prospects and companies to personalize your approach.


Voila Norbert offers four pricing plans: Valet, Butler, Advisor, and Counselor.

  • $49 per month

Valet supports up to 1,000 leads per month, unlimited team members, bulk & API usage support, and 50 dedicated bulk workers.

  • $99 per month

Butler supports up to 5,000 leads per month along with everything offered in Valet.

  • $249 per month

Advisor supports up to 15,000 leads per month as well as everything offered in Butler.

  • $499 per month

Counselor supports up to 50,000 leads per month along with everything offered in Advisor.

Visit Voila Norbert for additional information >>

Hunter — Ideal for small businesses and sales teams 

hunter homepage

Hunter is another excellent email finder software. It differentiates its offer from the competitors’ by focusing on small businesses and sales teams. This platform offers access to a rich email database which it updates regularly and screens for discrepancies and inaccuracies.

With the domain search and email finder, businesses can discover prospects in niche and global markets in a few simple clicks. Furthermore, Hunter has built-in support for bulk tasks and email marketing campaigns to help you engage with prospects and turn them into leads.

Key features

  • Domain search – easily find email addresses of critical employees in any company;
  • Email finder – discover email addresses of professionals within your target audience;
  • Email verifier – ensure that every email reaches its target before sending;
  • Campaigns – set up and execute simple cold email marketing campaigns; and
  • Integrations – connect Hunter with your favorite platform.


Hunter offers six plans: Free, Starter, Growth, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

  • Free of charge

The Free plan includes 25 monthly searches, 50 monthly verifications, one email account, 500 recipients per email marketing campaign, and unlimited users.

  • $49 per month

The Starter plan includes 500 monthly searches, 1,000 monthly verifications, five email accounts, 2,500 recipients per email marketing campaign, and unlimited users. It also offers domain search, attachments and images in email, and link tracking.

  • $99 per month

The Growth plan includes 2,500 monthly searches, 5,000 monthly verifications, ten email accounts, 5,000 recipients per email marketing campaign, and unlimited users. You can also use domain search downloads and a custom tracking domain.

  • $199 per month

The Pro plan includes 10,000 monthly searches, 20,000 monthly verifications, 20 email accounts, 7,500 recipients per email marketing campaign, unlimited users and everything included in the Growth plan.

  • $399 per month

The Business plan includes 30,000 monthly searches, 60,000 monthly verifications, 40 email accounts, 10,000 recipients per email marketing campaign, unlimited users, and everything included in the Growth plan.

  • Custom pricing

The Enterprise plan is for clients who need higher rate limits, a dedicated account manager, as well as on-demand and flexible quotas.

Visit Hunter for additional information >>

RocketReach — Perfect for acquiring large databases of contacts 

rocketreach homepage

RocketReach, as the name suggests, is an email finder tool to help you discover valuable contacts in large databases. The team behind RocketReach ensures that this software provides access to millions of connections. More precisely, it offers an introduction to 700 million professionals across 35 million companies.

Along with email addresses, this software can help you to discover your prospects’ current phone numbers and social media accounts. You will also have access to advanced search to quickly identify relevant contacts in this extensive database.

Key features

  • Advanced search – select from a variety of search criteria to find the right prospects;
  • Browser extension – discover leads as you browse LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and AngelList;
  • Bulk lookups – upload your lead lists and have valuable data points appended for complete contact information;
  • Compose – send emails from your inbox and use analytics to assess your success; and
  • Integrations – integrate RocketReach with app tracking systems, CRMs, and other powerful tools.


RocketReach offers Individual, Team, and Enterprise Plans.

Individual plans enable you to discover your prospects’ emails and include Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate.

  • $53 per month

The Essentials plan includes 125 lookups.

  • $107 per month

The Pro plan includes 300 lookups.

  • $269 per month

The Ultimate plan includes 833 lookups.

  • Custom pricing

The Team plan includes powerful features such as billing and invoicing, reporting and search tools, contact sharing, as well as Salesforce and Zapier integrations.

  • Custom pricing

The Enterprise plan comes with everything included in Team, plus unlimited lookups, the option to share lookups with your team, and single sign-on.

Visit RocketReach for additional information >>

Snov — Comprehensive free option 

snov homepage

If you are looking for a comprehensive free email finder tool, you should check out Snov. Snov is a powerful email finder platform. It includes a selection of tools to help you to capture prospects, generate leads, and boost sales. One of the tools that Snov offers is Email Finder. 

Behind Email Finder is a massive database of potential prospects. However, you can also use other tools to step up your email-finding game. Some of those additional options include Email Verifier, Email Warm-up, and numerous extensions.

Key features

  • Multiple search options – apply filters to narrow down your search;
  • Bulk search – do massive searches at one time to get more results in less time;
  • Email verifier – use a seven-step verification process to reduce email bounce rates;
  • CRM integration – make your CRM entries complete with additional information; and
  • Extensions – extend your search to LinkedIn pages and add leads directly to your email campaigns.


Snov offers four pricing plans: Trial, Starter, Pro, and Custom.

  • Free of charge

The Trial offer comes with 150 credits, 100 email recipients, and one mailbox warm-up. It includes an email finder and verifier, drip campaigns, sales CRM, database lead search, unlimited campaigns, follow-ups, sender accounts, a chrome extension, and custom domain tracking.

  • $39 per month
  • $30 pe rmonth
    One-year package billed as one payment.

Starter comes with everything included in the Trial offer, plus bulk lead search and verification, unlimited team seats, over 3,000 integrations, REST API, and Webhooks.

  • $99 per month
  • $75 per month
    One-year package billed as one payment.

Pro comes with everything available in Starter, plus email A/B testing, individual team member statistics, team permissions control, and team data sharing.

  • Starting at $999 per month

Custom comes with everything available in Pro, plus a custom strategy developed by Zebra Digital, prospecting and copywriting services, curated outreach setup, and a custom email warm-up strategy.

Visit Snov for additional information >>

Clearout — Accurate results with little data 

clearout homepage

Clearout is a go-to email finder tool for individuals and companies who want access to accurate results as quickly as possible. This platform doesn’t work with a database as massive as some of the other tools on our list. However, its search filters and accuracy of information are unparalleled. 

Clearout also has built-in support for integrations with various tools such as MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Docs. It offers an excellent solution for spam or fake leads and prospects which will help you to keep your list clean.

Key features

  • Bulk email finder – generate numerous leads in just one database search;
  • Email verification – eliminate risky email accounts and maintain good sender reputation;
  • Eliminate spam leads – use real-time email validation API to capture only relevant prospects and high-quality leads;
  • Increased security – protect your data using a 256-bit SSL protocol; and
  • Accurate results – Clearout delivers clear-cut results to boost result accuracy up to 98%.


Clearout has two pricing models: One Time (pay as you go) and Subscription (monthly/yearly).

One Time
  • 3,000 Credits – $21 onwards
  • 10,000 Credits – $58 onwards
  • 100,000 Credits – $350 onwards
  • 250,000 Credits – $625 onwards
  • 500,000 Credits – $850 onwards
  • 1 million Credits – $1,100 onwards
  • 5,000 Credits – $31.50 per month
  • 10,000 Credits – $52.20 per month
  • 50,000 Credits – $261 per month
  • 100,000 Credits – $315 per month
  • 250,000 Credits – $562.50 per month
  • 500,000 Credits – $765 per month
  • 1,000,000 Credits – $990 per month
  • 5,000,000 Credits – $4,050 per month
Visit Clearout for additional information >>

ContactOut — Find emails and phone numbers

contactout homepage

ContactOut is a powerful tool that helps find email addresses and phone numbers of people you want to contact. This tool lets you quickly and easily search for contacts from a database of over 70 million email addresses and phone numbers.

With ContactOut, you can save time and energy finding the right contact details for your leads. Its people search feature also lets you create targeted lists of contacts that match your criteria. ContactOut helps you find even hard-to-reach contacts quickly and easily, so you can get in touch with the people you need to reach.

Key features

  • Chrome extension – look up contacts while you’re browsing LinkedIn.
  • Search portal – huge database of phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Data enrichment – access to detailed contact information.


ContactOut is available for the following price points:

  • Free of charge

This free version works in standard LinkedIn only and provides users with 40 email addresses and three phone numbers per month.

  • $29 per month

This plan is similar to the free version but has more credits at 150 email addresses and 15 phone numbers per month.

  • $99 per month

This plan provides users with 500 email addresses and 50 phone numbers per month. It works on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Sales Navigator and comes with limited ATS and Salesforce integration

  • $199 per month

This plan works in all versions of LinkedIn and has full ATS and SalesForce integration, and comes with 1,000 email addresses and 50 phone numbers per month.

  • Custom pricing

Designed for teams, this version of the Recruiter plan comes with custom data, volume discount, and enterprise support.

Visit ContactOut for additional information >>

Skrapp — Completely automated tool 

skrapp homepage

Skrapp is one of those email finder tools that completely automates your search for prospects. While the focus is on automation, Skrapp doesn’t sacrifice the rest of the necessary features. It enables you to discover the email addresses of relevant prospects and collect essential business data. 

This tool also offers a dedicated browser extension to help you collect valuable data directly from the websites that you visit. There is even support for LinkedIn integration if you are interested in finding only B2B prospects. 

Key features

  • Chrome extension – receive verified email addresses from Sales Navigator and LinkedIn;
  • Email Lookup – search for email addresses and find them in seconds;
  • Company search – quickly discover decision makers in target companies;
  • Email verifier – boost your email deliverability rates with a built-in email verifier; and
  • Automation – generate emails and use them with your CRM hands-free.


Skrapp offers four pricing plans: Starter, Seeker, Enterprise, and Global Plan.

Starter Plan
  • $49 per month
  • $490 per year
    1-year plan billed as one payment

The Starter plan comes with 1,000 monthly emails and two users.

Seeker Plan
  • $99 per month
  • $990 per year
    1-year plan billed as one payment

The Seeker plan comes with 5,000 monthly emails and five users.

Enterprise Plan
  • $199 per month
  • $1,990 per year
    1-year plan billed as one payment

The Enterprise plan comes with 20,000 monthly emails and eight users.

Global Plan
  • $299 per month
  • $2,990 per year
    1-year plan billed as one payment

The Global plan comes with 50,000 monthly emails and 15 users.

Visit Skrapp for additional information >>

FindThatLead — Lead manager with excellent email-finding capabilities 

findthatlead homepage

FindThatLead focuses on catering to the needs of B2B organizations. It offers a comprehensive email database of B2B prospects and leads across industries and markets. It ships out with all of the standard features. This tool’s strongest suit is advanced search capability.

With FindThatLead at your disposal, you can discover your target audience’s email addresses and use them in your next email campaign. You can do this all from one dashboard to keep things simple and clean.

Key features

  • Email search – find emails by typing either a prospect’s name or a website domain;
  • Verifier – verify any email in your list before sending your custom emails;
  • Marketing automation – quickly build and automate target email marketing efforts;
  • Prospector – use advanced search to discover valuable prospects and leads and add them to your campaigns; and
  • Chrome extension – find emails on any website that you visit hassle-free. 


FindThatLead offers three pricing plans: Growth, Startup, and Suite.

  • $49 per month
  • $40.9 per month
    1-year plan billed as one payment

Growth comes with 5,000 monthly credits, 400 daily emails, and two campaign accounts. It supports only one user.

  • $150 per month
  • $125 per month
    1-year plan billed as one payment

The Startup plan comes with 18,000 monthly credits, 500 daily emails, and four campaign accounts. It caters to four users.

  • $399 per month
  • $332.5 per month
    1-year plan billed as one payment

Suite comes with 30,000 monthly credits, 750 daily emails, and ten campaign accounts. It supports six users.

Visit FindThatLead for additional information >>

Lusha — Capable B2B solutions for sales and marketing 

lusha homepage

Lusha is an email finder platform with capabilities catering to the needs of B2B sales and marketing teams. It has all of the features that you need to discover B2B prospects, build your lists, and import them into your chosen CRM.

While it is a B2B platform, Lusha is extremely easy to use. Thanks to the API, you will be able to use it with any tool that you are using internally to streamline your marketing and sales activities. It also records your search history to help you to build ideal customer profiles that you can use when searching for emails next time.

Key features

  • Advanced search – filter companies by HQ location, headcount, industry, or revenue to find decision-makers;
  • Chrome extension – discover valuable prospects while working online, whether you are on a company website, LinkedIn, or Salesforce;
  • CRM integrations – seamlessly integrate Lusha with your CRM to automatically save lists and enrich your CRM entries;
  • Smart search – Lusha learns from your past searches to help you identify the ideal customer profile and source which brings the most prospects and leads; and
  • Automated workflows – automate your workflows to save time and still receive outstanding results.


Lusha offers four pricing plans: Free, Pro, Premium, and Scale.

  • Free of charge

The Free plan comes with five credits, one user, direct and landline phone numbers, email addresses, a prospecting platform, and a Chrome extension.

  • $39 per month
  • $29 per month
    1-year plan billed as one payment

Pro includes everything in the Free plan, plus 40 credits, one user, list management and export, team management, and shared credit pull. 

  • $69 per month
  • $51 per month
    1-year plan billed as one payment

Premium offers everything available in Pro, plus 80 credits, one user, prospecting bulk show, extension bulk show, and basic usage analytics.

  • Custom pricing

Along with everything offered in Premium, the Scale plan includes unlimited contacts, CSV enrichment, CRM integrations, job changes, technologies, advanced team management, SSO, and a customer success manager. 

Visit Lusha for additional information >>

How to choose the best email finder tools for your needs 

If finding the best email finder tools for your needs is challenging, there is a quick fix. Below you can find all of the relevant factors that you need to consider to choose the best email finder software for individual and business use cases. 

Consider the price

Price is one of the most critical factors to consider when shopping for software, including an email finder. You can create a spreadsheet and use it to list all of the tools you are considering, including the prices of plans and which features they include. This can help you to get the most value for the money you invest.

Free options can work for some companies

As you can see, there are email finder tools that offer free plans. These plans do come with some limitations.

However, if you run a startup or a small company, free options can still help you to discover prospects and generate leads. They usually come with monthly limits and let you use your free searches every new month.

Number of features

A limited number of features is a deal-breaker if your company grows and expands. A wide range of features across different pricing plans can help you to downscale or upscale as your business stagnates or grows. 

As you grow, you will need access to more searches per month as well as advanced marketing and integration features. Choosing a solution with numerous features will help you to stick with one tool instead of switching over and being forced to learn a new one.

Integrations and API

Integrations and API are also crucial factors when choosing an ideal email finder. The best tools have a variety of integrations, mainly supporting CRM platforms, automatic workflows, and import/export capabilities.

If you use an in-house solution for CRM and marketing, you will need an email finder with API to use information across platforms.

Level of support

If you start researching the available support across different email finders, you will discover that each one is unique. Some offer support across all channels but provide access to specific channels only to premium plan subscribers. Others offer support across fewer channels with limited availability.

The best email finder platforms enable users to quickly connect with the support team and provide additional resources such as a self-service help desk.

Ease of use

If you have limited technical experience, you need a tool that you can seamlessly implement into your workflow. A quick and pain-free onboarding process will save you a ton of time.

Fortunately, the best email finders are easy to use. They have a simple search feature, and you will quickly feel comfortable using any of the ten that we’ve listed above.

Interface design

Strong interface design goes hand in hand with ease of use. A modern and slick user interface will help you to navigate the email finder’s features and make it easier for you to find essential functions.

Fortunately, you can quickly check the design on the official email finder’s website, as it commonly features screenshots and short video snippets of their tool. 

What do others think?

Finally, social proof is vital. All of the best tools feature user reviews and testimonials on their home page. However, you can also extend your search to software review platforms. This can help you to discover more reviews, pros and cons, learn more about specific use cases, and read about other people’s experiences using the tool.

Best options 

While we have narrowed down your options from hundreds to the ten best email finder tools, you might still need help figuring out the best option for you or your company. Here is a quick cheat sheet that you can use to quickly find a perfect email finder for your needs.

Best free option

If you are operating on a budget and currently can’t afford to invest in an email finder tool, you can still reap the benefits that this software offers.

Hunter offers comprehensive features with its free plan. You can perform 25 monthly email searches and 50 email verifications. You can also use it to send emails to up to 500 recipients per marketing campaign. While this covers your basic email-finding needs, in the future you can easily upgrade to one of Hunter’s premium plans and support your business growth.

Best B2B option

If you focus on the B2B market, you need a tool that caters to your specific needs. It must provide access to a vast database of B2B contacts and offer advanced search options.


Starts at $31.50 per month

Clearout focuses on providing the most accurate results, which is essential in B2B outreach campaigns. It also provides filters for spam leads and prospects that you already have on your list to keep your contact information always clean and ready to use. Additionally, it lets you use bulk email list verification/validation to obtain accurate results.

Best LinkedIn option

If you source contact information from LinkedIn for your marketing, recruiting, or B2B sales needs, you will get the most out of a tool that locates emails on this social networking platform.


Starts at $49 per month

GetProspect is a dedicated LinkedIn email finder tool. It offers access to a vast database with 50 million companies and 200 million contacts and features an email finder optimized for a high discovery rate. The bulk email verifier is there to help you filter out invalid email addresses and fuel your marketing strategy with a batch of new and relevant email addresses.


What is an email finder tool? 

An email finder tool is a software solution, typically a web application, that aggregates contact information from various web sources and helps to find personal or business email addresses online.

How can an email finder help me generate leads? 

Thanks to advanced search filters, you can use an email finder to find relevant prospects in any target market. You will gain access to the contact information that you can use in marketing campaigns to engage prospects and generate quality leads.

Are there good free email finders?

Yes, there are many free email finders with powerful capabilities. An excellent example is Hunter, which offers a range of features and doesn’t require users to share payment information. 

Are email finders challenging to use? 

Email finders are straightforward to use. They have intuitive user interfaces and make using even the advanced search option and export/import lists easy for people with a limited technical background.


Each of these ten best email finder tools has the same core features and capabilities. They offer access to comprehensive databases with contact information and have advanced search functions. However, some specific features make them more suitable for a particular use case.

While this list can help to narrow your options, you still need to decide which service to choose for your needs. To do this right, you should define your marketing and sales goals to select an email finder with all of the features you need to achieve those goals quickly.

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