Best File Manager plugins for WordPress that can replace your FTP client

An average WordPress user can work on his blog without having to manage files at all. Developers around the world give their best to create a user-friendly interface that should stop people from wandering around WordPress directories. Let’s face it; keeping users away is beneficial both to the users and developers. But still, no matter how advanced the platform and its plugins have become, there are still times when you need access to files and folders.

Sometimes, you will have to manually create a directory or new PHP file. Installation of a specific plugin might fail, and you will have to upload it on your own in order to activate its features. On other occasions, you will find it easier to manage multiple media files without having to open WordPress or maybe you will want to move and rename the wp-content folder. And those are just a few examples.

While you can do all that by accessing your WordPress installation via FTP, don’t you think it would be easier to have something similar on the dashboard? If so, keep on reading because we’re about to show you some of the best File Manager plugins for WordPress that will completely replace your FTP client.

File Manager Plugin For WordPress

PRICE: $18

File Manager Plugin For WordPress

By being sold more than 2,500 times on CodeCanyon, this premium plugin is one of the most popular File Manager plugins for WordPress. Once you get to know all the features it offers, that won’t be a surprise. The plugin works both on the backend and frontend which will satisfy all users.

The entire thing was developed to resemble Windows operating system, so it will look familiar to most of you. You can expect to click any of the files which will bring up the context menu with options. So it’s easy to create new files and folders, manipulate them, upload and download files, view and edit images or even generate shortcodes.

File Manager Plugin for WordPress allows you to manage access to the files so you can quickly separate users who can work with the plugin from those who can’t. As you probably don’t want everyone to lurk around your directories, this is a must-have feature.

The plugin is also cross-browser compatible so you can relax knowing that it will work anytime and anywhere.

File Manager


With more than 40,000 active installs, the free File Manager plugin is one of the most popular free solutions for WordPress. Just by taking a glance at the video or its screenshots, you will see that this free plugin offers similar features as the previously mentioned one.

If you install File Manager, you will be able to do practically all operations on your files and folders. That means that you can move them, copy, upload, rename, archive, extract, edit, etc. Since it supports drag and drop system, it will feel natural to work with your files from WordPress.

You can choose to list files or show icons. Also, it is easy to preview many file types so you can instantly know what’s within a text file or what the image looks like. Yes, you can even play videos directly from the manager. It’s important to mention that the plugin will calculate directory sizes for you, it supports file search and sorting, and much more. If you want even more from File Manager, you should take a look at the PRO version that offers some extra features.

WP File Download – WordPress File Manager

PRICE: From $29

WP File Download is another premium WordPress plugin that you should check out if you’re about to manage files through the dashboard. It allows you to easily drag and drop files, use categories and single files.

Although you’re working with files, that doesn’t mean you should have an unattractive user interface. WP File Download lets you choose one of the four themes which you can customize in details to fit your WordPress theme.

Working with files is as easy as working in Windows operating system – cut, copy and paste files, reorder them and use the search engine to find that specific file. Limit access and allow only some users to handle files if you need to do so. Modify those files, enable email notifications, and do much more with this fantastic plugin.




Although it doesn’t offer all the features we mentioned with the previous plugins, nor it looks graphically advanced, MiwoFTP is still a nice substitute for your FTP client. The plugin is completely free, so this might be a good enough reason to go with it.

MiwoFTP allows you to browse all the files and folders from the dashboard. Of course, you get to copy, move and delete them, and it’s easy to search for files and folders with the plugin. You can upload and download anything you like just like you would with your FTP client, create new files and folders, change permissions, zip/unzip and more.

Since the plugin doesn’t allow you to restrict users, it’s useful for sites that have just one admin. If you let other users access the dashboard, they will also be able to get access to your FTP so be careful.

How often do you have to log in to your FTP client? Do you think that any of these plugins can substitute FileZilla, for example? Have you worked with one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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