Best free pricing table plugins for WordPress

We have already shown you some of the best pricing table plugins you can currently buy for your WordPress. But no matter how good they are, you still have to pay for those pricing tables and for some of you that isn’t the option.

So, in today’s article, we’re about to show you some of the best pricing tables plugins you can install and use for free. These can also look good on your website, but you will have to accept the lack of some features, of course. Let’s start.

Pricing Table


Pricing Table

Although there is a premium version of this plugin, the free version is a pretty good option for someone who doesn’t need many templates or who won’t use extra features which PRO version offers. You can choose from three different templates in the free version and you can customize your pricing tables easily. Pricing Table lets you add any number of rows in your tables. Those can easily be rearranged by using drag&drop technique and you can highlight a row to accentuate it. After you create a table, you can place it anywhere on the site by using a provided shortcode. If you aim for your pricing table to be responsive, you will have to be careful with this plugin because it doesn’t do a great job with aligning the table on the smaller screen sizes. Still, it does a decent job – since it’s free, you won’t lose anything but a few minutes to try it out and see if the plugin meets your expectations.

  • 3 templates
  • Drag and drop arrangement of the rows
  • Not very good with responsiveness


Kento Pricing table



This plugin is a good choice for someone who only needs one pricing table and doesn’t have to match its colors perfectly to his website. Although you can create numerous rows and columns with Kento Pricing table, the free version of the plugin lets you create only one table. That might be a problem for some, so be sure you know how many tables you need before the installation of the plugin. Kento will let you change the main colors of the table, but if you want to customize it in details, you will have to edit the code by yourself. There is an option to add a background image, but the plugin will only add that one image which comes with it. There is no easy way to change the image so if you’re into customizing the table, be sure you know your way around HTML and CSS before installing Kento Pricing Table.

  • Numberless rows and columns
  • You can create only one table
  • Choose the main color of the table


Responsive Pricing Table



This free plugin doesn’t come with any restrictions or ads. Once you install it, Responsive Pricing table will give you numerous options you can choose from. Choose different colors, accentuate recommended plans, remove currency signs, add custom buttons, URLs, and much more. The plugin is easy to use and the result won’t be different from the table you are creating – what you see is what you get. Although it’s free, there is a PRO version ( which can get you new skins and tooltips which appear as bubble descriptions.

  • No restrictions or ads
  • Very customizable
  • What you see is what you get


IND Pricing Table


Ind Pricing Table

Let’s start with good things. This free plugin allows you to create numberless pricing tables on your WordPress website and numerous rows in those tables. You can choose from different colors for you tables, and even play around with the gradient which can look pretty cool. There are different icons you can place in the table rows, and if this is all you need, the plugin will work great for you. But if you want more, this is where the bad stuff comes out. Those icons don’t look quite good and you’ll probably end up not using them at all. Also, there isn’t any form of featured price you can accentuate in the tables, and that’s something most of the people need. In the end, entire tables aren’t responsive so you can forget about integrating the plugin into your responsive theme; don’t expect the mobile version to look good.

  • Limitless tables and rows
  • Color control which includes color gradient
  • Not responsive, lack of featured prices
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