Best loading screen plugins for your WordPress website

If your site is “heavy” and takes too much time to load, you might want to consider adding a loading screen. Not only it will look dazzling and make your visitor watch the animation before the site loads (yeah, we know you like to track the bar down the screen or look swirling effects) but it will let your visitors know the site isn’t broken.

Maybe creating a custom loading screen from scratch isn’t that easy, but with WordPress plugins everything really is simple. So we won’t bother you with hundreds of lines of code which you have to put here and there to create some lame loading screen, but we will show you a few plugins which you will really want to make part of your theme.

We updated this article so you can find even more great plugins which will transform the looks of your website, so don’t forget to check them out. If you have found new plugins which deserve to be listed here, please let us know in the comments below.

The Loading Bar WordPress

PRICE: $13

The Loading Bar

With this plugin, you can easily set up your new loading screen. It is responsive and will give you five loading bar styles and 22 transition effects to choose from. Those will activate once your site has loaded and we have to admit we really like how they look. The plugin includes 17 animated gifs which include simple lines, Rubik’s cube and Tetris effect. There are unlimited color options for you to choose from, you can adjust the position of the animation, etc. Take a look at a demo page, and you’ll see why we like The Loading Bar WordPress.

  • 22 transition effects, 17 gifs, 5 bar styles
  • Responsive
  • Highly customizable

MelonHTML5 – Royal Preloader WP

PRICE: $12


This responsive and mobile-ready plugin will preload content for your site and make it look amazing. Royal Preloader WP comes with different designs and styling options so you can choose the best one for your site. All animations are written in CSS3 which means they will look great on any modern browsers, including mobile ones. The progress of loading is calculated automatically, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This plugin will preload any images on your site, including CSS background, AJAX content or any other photo gallery you might install.

  • Different designs and style options
  • CSS3 animations + jQuery Fallback for IE
  • Images preloading


PRICE: $15


This tiny and customizable plugin will add the loading screen right after you install it. You can customize the colors, change animation speed and orientation or you can use a custom image instead. The plugin will also add a simple transition effect once your site has loaded. There is a nice feature which will allow you to show the loading animation only in the mobile version of your site and you can choose on which pages you want it to appear.

  • Simple
  • Mobile friendly
  • Choose where to show the loading screen


PRICE: $16

Pretty Loader

PrettyLoader is another responsive page loader with many different styles and options. It includes over 15 image spinners and features 8 CSS3 animations. There are five transition effects, and you can even add your own logo which can be easily animated by using admin screen provided by the plugin. PrettyLoader is user-friendly and highly customizable, so you don’t have to worry about styling options. Check out the demo page and see more about this great plugin.

  • 15image spinners, 8 CSS3 animations, 5 transition effects
  • Highly customizable
  • Background Colors and Images

DV Loading

PRICE: $17

DV Loading premium plugin for WordPress
DV Loading is a month old plugin which is dedicated to loading screens and page transitions. This premium plugin is responsive and very flexible. It features text loading animation which can look good on any WordPress website. Since DV Loading allows you to customize the text, you can modify the loader to any site, and actually, to any of the pages you have. There are over thirty page transitions, almost as much animated GIFs you can choose from, and there are five custom CSS3 image animations. The plugin also allows you to generate shortcodes which can be used anywhere on the site.

Ultimate WordPress Preloader – 99 CSS3 Preloaders

PRICE: $18

As you can already see from the plugin’s name, Ultimate WordPress Preloader comes with 99 CSS3 and GIF images which you may use on your loading screens. It features a nice control panel which allows you to manage your preloaders. You can easily change preloader sizes and colors, and you even get to upload your own images. The plugin features Live Preview Customizer so that you can relax and see the result even before saving the changes. The plugin works in all browsers, and it’s fully responsive. The good thing about this premium plugin is that it also comes in a lite version which can be downloaded and tested from WordPress plugin repository.

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