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If you need a quick solution to push your website into a maintenance mode, you can display a message and restrict access to your site for anyone but the admins. While this is a fast and a simple solution, it is obvious that it doesn’t look very good. If you have spent time designing your WordPress theme or configuring one properly, you want your visitors to praise you for the design quality.

So, if you have to work on your site for a few days or maybe weeks, you want your maintenance mode page to look somewhat better than a simple black and white message which appears on top of the screen.

Since you already have your to-do list full of things which need to be done on your WordPress powered website, we assume you don’t want another time-consuming job which includes designing yet another page. That’s why we are going to show you some of the best maintenance mode plugins for WordPress which can save you time and give you awesome looking pages. Hey, if your users can’t get to your site, at least tell them the bad news with some style.



Under Construction Page

While doing maintenance on your WordPress site, you shouldn’t leave your visitors blocked. Instead of letting users stuck on 404 error pages while you work on your site, you should land them on a specially designed under construction page. And since you probably don’t have time to create a landing page from scratch (remember, you’ve scheduled maintenance and work is only building up), we suggest using a WordPress plugin for the job.

UnderConstructionPage is a free plugin which can be quickly installed from WordPress repository. After that, the plugin allows you to put your site under construction mode in just a few seconds. Choose a background image, customize the title and body where you can add text, images, and videos. Don’t forget to add your social networks accounts information and you’re ready to do the actual work on your site.

The great thing about this plugin that it allows you to choose which user roles will, i.e. won’t be affected by the plugin. That means that you can still allow admins and, for example, the authors to be able to see the actual website while they’re working, while all the others will get an under construction page.

  • Quick setup
  • Beautiful background images
  • Whitelisted User Roles

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode


Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

This free WordPress plugin will let you create a custom page for Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode. The plugin is responsive, works on all devices and with every theme/plugin combination you have. It allows you to completely customize the looks of your page; every element can be configured separately.

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode supports MailChimp so you can easily embed a form on the page and collect emails while you’re working on the site.

A great part of its SEO-friendliness is the fact that you can let search engines see your normal site, while users will see the page you customized for them. How awesome is that!?

The plugin allows you to do so much more; you can show the page only to non-logged in users, write your own CSS and HTML code if you want to take the complete control over your under construction page, it works great with W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, and so much more. The plugin is free so make sure you check it out.

  • MailChimp support
  • SEO friendly
  • Completely customizable

5sec Maintenance Mode

PRICE: $15

5sec Maintenance

You need a site in a maintenance mode. That means there’s much more work for you and your team, plus your visitors won’t be able to access the content. That’s some bad news for everyone so you don’t want your maintenance page to look plain and boring. If you want your site to live up to the expectations and even entertain visitors for a while, we suggest 5sec Maintenance Mode plugin.

With this plugin, you can choose from 6 funny templates – one of them is a pink maintenance bunny, what else do you want? The plugin allows you to customize the timer which counts down until the site is opened to the public again. You can customize the progress bar as well. But looks aren’t everything. 5sec Maintenance Mode lets you create access rules by user groups and IPs so you can easily tell the plugin who can and who can’t see your page while it’s in the mode.

If there are impatient clients eager to see the site you’re working on, you can create temporary links for them. We suggest that you test the plugin by viewing its demo page and we promise you will fall in love with funny templates it’s showing.

  • Funny and beautiful templates
  • Easily modify access rules
  • Create temporary links for your clients

WordPress Maintenance – Under Construction Mode

PRICE: $19

WordPress maintenance - Under Construction
If you’re planning on putting your site under construction mode for a longer period of time, you definitely don’t want a way too simple solution. Your visitors will need more information about your site and that’s where this plugin comes in to help.

It offers 10 responsive themes which will take care of all types of visits. While this is a great feature, that’s not the best what this plugin can offer. With WordPress Maintenance – Under Construction Mode you get all kind of widgets which will help you create a dynamic page. You can create a countdown timers and progress bars, place your Twitter feed or your Flickr image gallery.

While the site is down, you should be able to communicate with your potential clients so there are contact and newsletter forms. You can easily set up social networking icons which will lead to your profiles and much more.

  • 10 responsive themes
  • Place widgets to enhance the page
  • Cross browser support

Maintenance PRO

PRICE: $25

Maintenance PRO
If you need a beautiful yet simple maintenance page, you should consider a Maintenance PRO plugin. The free version will get you just that – a simple page which you can easily customize and upload your own images, logos, create your own text, decide if you want to show admin bar or let users log in, and much more. While this will be enough for many of you who look for a quicker solution, premium version of this plugin offers much, much more.

This version will be retina ready which makes the page look great on all high-end displays. It includes a jQuery countdown timer, a background gallery, and video support. You can easily set user permissions, place social media profiles and even integrate the page with your MailChimp account. Don’t forget there is an HTML editable area so you can do practically what you want. Don’t forget to check out the demo sites which look amazing. If you go for a PRO version, we promise you will have a tough time deciding between the modes – they all look nice, don’t you agree?

  • Free version
  • Numerous widgets
  • HTML editable area

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

PRICE: $18

Coming Soon PRO
Another modern and responsive plugin which allows you to create beautiful maintenance mode pages. The plugin allows you to create full-size pages with beautiful background slideshows. You can fulfill the page with a countdown timer, choose over 100 social media icons and create opt-in forms which you can connect to your MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, iContact, MyMail and Campaign Monitor accounts.

You are free to customize the colors of your page and yet more important, you can set the plugin to exclude admins from showing the maintenance page. Don’t forget to check out the demo pages.

  • Background image slideshow + responsive
  • Optin forms
  • Countdown timer


PRICE: $10

This simple premium plugin will let you place a huge timer on your maintenance page. The timer is beautifully animated and it will count down to the time you set in the options. Animations look realistic and there are even sounds added to it. Gaurm lets you place social icons underneath the timer and everything’s is very easy to use.

While the plugin looks great, you should note that it is the only template you can get. What you see here is what you get and you won’t be able to go in much customization. Be sure you really love the animations before going for the buy.

  • Realistic animations and sound
  • Countdown timer
  • Social icons
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