Top 5 Music Player plugins for WordPress

Everyone loves music. While some will listen to a radio station, others will open up a playlist on Youtube, create an account on SoundCloud, set up a different music player and even create their own songs. It’s been a long ago since music went digital and today it is hard to imagine the world without it.

When it comes to presenting your music online with WordPress, there are several options you can choose from. The simplest option is to use WordPress’ Audio Player without any extensions. If you don’t already know, WordPress allows you to play any audio file. Just like you would attach an image, you can add a video file URL or attach one from the media library. But if you want more control over your music in WordPress, you will need a plugin.

We already showed you some of the best music themes for WordPress where most of them already have a music player plugin embedded. But if you already have a theme set up and you only want to extend it with an excellent music player, we’re about to show you some of the best audio plugins for WordPress.

Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin

PRICE: $17

If you are searching for a sticky music player which will be able to play music in the background of your site, search no more. Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin lets you play music continuously which means that the player won’t be affected by loading other pages.

The player is very customizable, and you get to change each and every part of the color scheme. You can align the music player anywhere you want and not worry about displaying it on mobile devices since it’s completely responsive.

There are more than 30 parameters you can configure to your likings. If you need a playlist, just choose a folder, and Sticky HTML5 Music Player will play the music from it. The plugin features so much more so make sure you test it out.

Fullwidth Audio Player – WordPress plugin

PRICE: $19

This premium WordPress plugin has earned the trust of more than 1,000 users. That’s not surprising since the plugin is lightweight and still full of features. It will allow you to position the music player anywhere on your site. If you don’t want the player to sit down the bottom of your website or pin it on top of your page, you can open it in a pop-up window or place anywhere you want via a shortcode.

It supports single tracks as well as the entire albums, while music lovers will appreciate the SoundCloud feature. The plugin is customizable, and it has numberless color variations.

In addition to all music player controls, Fullwidth Audio Player will allow you to insert social media sharing buttons so that users can share your music with ease. Check out the demo site, and we’re sure you’ll love this plugin.

ZoomSounds – WordPress Wave Audio Player with Playlist

PRICE: $20

ZoomSounds is a perfect choice for music enthusiasts. The plugin comes with four skins and looks beautiful in each of them; your job is just to choose the one that looks the best on your site.

It is easy to install and use since it only takes one shortcode to embed a player wherever you want. The HTML5 player will make sure everything loads as quickly as possible, while the MP3 format will be in charge of your audio files. Older browsers don’t support the HTML5 player, but you shouldn’t worry about that since ZoomSounds will play music in flash player for those who use IE7 and IE8. The plugin is completely responsive, and it will look great both on mobile devices as well as on full HD screens.

If you have a SoundCloud account, you can play music from it simply by providing an API key. Another great feature of this plugin is that it allows timed comments. Your users will be able to leave a comment on a particular part of the song. With this option, you can finally let visitors comment on your guitar solo you’ve been working so hard on. The plugin offers so much more; we suggest that you load the demo site to see this in action.

WavePlayer – a WordPress audio player

PRICE: $16

Wave player for WordPress

This premium plugin is a must-have for anyone trying to fit in a plugin in their modern theme. The plugin looks stylish and sleek, it’s completely responsive and features simple controls. Still, you get to choose from four different sizes so that you can perfectly place the music player on your site.

WavePlayer is fully integrated with the WordPress Media Manager so that you quickly play music from files you have manually uploaded to WordPress. The plugin is relatively simple and doesn’t offer tons of features, but it’s still a great option for your music website. Sometimes, less is more.

Disk Audio Player For WordPress

PRICE: $16

Disk Audio Player for WordPress

Disk Audio Player can quickly become your new online MP3 player. It uses HTML5 technology to play music from your site, it is responsive and works great on every device. Since it’s retina ready, you can enjoy it on high definition screens as well.

There are unlimited colors to choose from, you can use playlists, poster images, add background pictures, change opacity, and so much more. While mouse or a touch can control it, it can also be controlled by keyboard which makes it easier for your users.

The plugin allows you to add external links to each of your songs so you can let users download the song or navigate them directly to a store where you sell albums.

There is a huge number of music and audio players for WordPress. Many of them are free and offer the basics, and the premium ones will let you customize the player in details. These 5 premium plugins definitely stand out, and we’re sure you love them no matter which one you choose. It’s time to play some music on your site.

Do you use any of the plugins we mentioned in the article? How do you like them? Feel free to leave a comment and link your site so that we can check your online playlists.

If you want to learn more about WordPress and find other great plugins, let us show you more tutorials that will help you level up your skills. Don’t forget to view our resources that will help you to become a better webmaster as well.

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