Best News Ticker plugins to help you accentuate posts and messages

The news ticker is a popular way of displaying short and important messages on a particular medium. Everyone who has ever watched the news on TV is familiar with the system. While the host is talking about something, a small graphic or a text bar is being displayed mostly on the bottom of your screen. This bar scrolls through the most important or the latest news which you can track without the interruption.

Since the news ticker system has become so popular on TV, it wasn’t unusual to see something similar to appear on websites. Instead of scrolling news on the bottom, news ticker is usually found on top of the website which uses it. Whether you’re using a news/magazine theme or you simply publish a lot of articles, a news ticker might help you make your site more active and alive.

It will allow you to transfer visitor’s attention to the latest or the most important articles on the site, and this is something both you, and your visitors want. While developing a news ticker from scratch would take some time and programming skills, you don’t have to worry about a thing since you’re using WordPress. Without any further ado, we’re about to show you some of the best news ticker plugins for WordPress.

Ditty News Ticker


It takes just a glance at the right-side information widget on the this plugin’s page to notice how popular it really is. Currently, there are more than 30,000 active installs of Ditty News Ticker! The Free version allows you to choose between three modes: scroll, rotate and list. We suggest that you open the demo site to take a look at all the three modes in action.

Depending on the mode you select, you will get to customize the ticker in details. From adding the text and links to setting scroll speed, padding, and dimensions, Ditty News Ticker will let you create everything you need.

The plugin allows you to display a news ticker via a simple shortcode, or you can directly embed it into templates by using the provided PHP code.

If you liked the free version of this plugin, you might be interested in several extensions available for Ditty News Ticker. With the extensions, you can easily show new posts and images. You get to display the latest tweets and Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr items. There is also an RSS and a Mega ticker.

Breaking News Ticker


Breaking News Ticker

With more than 2,000 active installations at the moment, Breaking News Ticker is one of the most popular free plugins for the job. It is responsive, modern and allows detailed customization which is always an important part of a plugin. Whether you want to use it as a widget, insert it via a shortcode or PHP code, you will be able to display breaking news in just several minutes.

Next to regular posts and pages, the plugin allows you to use Custom Post Types so you can be sure it will be able to show all the news you need. Next to being mobile friendly, the plugin supports all modern browsers.

Make sure to check out the demo site to see how smooth the transition between the news are, and how customizable the news ticker really is.

Live News – Real Time News Ticker


Live News - Real Time News Ticker
Inspired by TV news stations, this premium plugin will display your latest news on the bottom of the screen. This will capture reader’s attention immediately, and it’s an excellent choice for big news sites where you want to accentuate the most important news.

You can choose to write custom messages with one of the two forms provided by the plugin. This is a great option if you got very important news (like who won the elections) you want your readers to read even before you get a chance to write a detailed post. The other option lets you automatically publish the news from all the posts or only posts from a specified category. In case you want to display news from other sites, you can easily do that by providing an RSS link so you can display the news from CNN, BBC or anyone who can provide a valid RSS link.

The plugin is very customizable (you get to change colors, fonts, excerpt length, and much more), but it is important to know that Real Time News Ticker has been developed specifically for desktop computers. That means that the plugin will shut down the news ticker if a visitor comes from a mobile device.

WP Newsbar – WordPress Floating News bar

PRICE: $10

WP Newsbar
This premium plugin lets you manage as many news bars as you want. It is easy to create and display the news, and the plugin helps you by allowing you to add Custom Post Types to the ticker.

There are three different animation effects and four skins you can choose from. The plugin is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE7+ and Opera. Also, it is responsive, so you won’t have to worry about your news ticker when the window gets resized.

WP Easy News Scroller

PRICE: $16

WP Easy News Scroller
This premium plugin is somewhat different from other News Tickers. Instead of a horizontal bar, the plugin will show the entire widget in the sidebar or footer area. There are twenty-six slider effects to choose from, twenty-three different themes, plus the admin can set the speed and timeout of scrolling.

WP Easy News Scroller lets you use the unlimited number of news/events to show on your website. That news can have titles, descriptions, and images which you can easily customize through HTML and Visual Editor. The news can be activated and deactivated quickly from the dashboard.

Jquery news ticker


jQuery News Ticker

If you need a simple and lightweight news ticker plugin, search no more. This free WordPress plugin offers all the basic features which will be just enough for publishing quick news in the form of a horizontal ticker bar.

Displaying the news is relatively simple; all you have to do is to write your message via the admin dashboard. The plugin allows you to enter expiration dates for your news, so you won’t have to worry about manually deleting the old messages.

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