The Best Online Incorporation Services in 2024

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: January 7th, 2024
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Are you getting ready to incorporate your business online

You have everything in order, but you can’t decide which professional service to choose to streamline your paperwork? 

We don’t blame you. After all, there are so many online incorporation services to choose from. How do you choose the best one for your needs?

Here at FirstSiteGuide, we have done extensive research on incorporation service providers. Below you can find the six best online incorporation services, including their key features, pricing, and plans. 


6 top online incorporation service providers 

Outsourcing your business incorporation to a professional third-party company can provide peace of mind. Plus, you can save extra time that you can use to equip your business for success. With the right provider by your side, you can streamline your business formation for a fee.

Here’s our list of the six best online incorporation services currently available:

Northwest Registered Agent — The most reliable option

northwest registered agent homepage

Northwest Registered Agent is the leading nationwide registered agent service provider. Their years of experience and high level of expertise make them the most reliable option on our list. They provide end-to-end services, not only scanning government forms but also every other document they receive as your agent.

With Northwest Registered Agent, you can incorporate your business online. Access to excellent customer support is a nice perk, especially if you are about to start your first business. 

One of the most noteworthy perks that this company provides is access to their registered agent service for an entire year without paying extra. 

Key features 

  • A whole year of registered agent service – receive access to a registered agent to accept your corporation’s state and legal mail at an address in the state and keep your personal information private.
  • Corporate bylaws – receive help writing corporate bylaws to reflect your unique business plan.
  • Customer support – get support from industry professionals to address all of your questions and concerns.
  • Create and submit Articles of Incorporation/Organization  – enjoy access to Articles of Incorporation/Organization required by your state to speed up your business formation while ensuring that your documents are properly formatted, structured, and compliant.
  • Reports – benefit from access to annual reports to gain insights into your activities and stay compliant with regulation updates.

Plans and pricing 

Northwest Registered Agent offers one unique plan:

  • $39 per month

Includes access to filing documents to the state the same day, initial resolutions, corporate bylaws, and relevant certificates.

Visit Northwest Registered Agent for additional information >>

ZenBusiness — The best option overall

zen business homepage

ZenBusiness has a spotless record in this niche with a portfolio of over 300,000 businesses successfully formed. This company provides a complete service, including a registered agent service for an entire year at no extra charge. 

ZenBusiness has a spotless online reputation. Plus, as a public benefit corporation, they help people attain financial freedom and pursue their business goals. Their valuable packages at attractive prices make this online incorporation service provider even more attractive to entrepreneurs.

Key features 

  • Access to a registered agent – have a professional handle your annual paperwork even if your web-based corporation doesn’t have a physical location.
  • Name search – your business name will be rechecked for availability to ensure that you can use it before filing.
  • Verified filing – the company will verify your entire assortment of paperwork, including Articles of Incorporation/Organization, to ensure that it meets your state requirements.
  • Expert support – talk with a business filing expert to enjoy support throughout the incorporation process.
  • Fast filing – the company uses cutting-edge technology and automation to speed up the formation process so that you can start your business as soon as possible.

Plans and pricing 

ZenBusiness has three plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium.

  • Free of charge

The Starter plan includes a designated registered agent, name search, verified filing, and expert support. 

  • $199
    billed annually

Faster Expedited Filing Speed, Worry-Free Compliance, Corporate Bylaws, etc.

  • $299
    billed annually

Fastest Rush Filing Speed, Domain Name & Email Address, Customizable Business Website, etc.

Visit ZenBusiness for additional information >>

Incfile — Affordable incorporation services

incfile llc homepage

Incfile is another renowned incorporation service provider. This company offers a variety of features to future clients as well as a designated registered agent for an entire year. As you may have noticed, we labeled Incfile as an affordable service provider. That’s because they offer free incorporation services.

If you are interested in accessing more features, Incfile also offers plans with a price tag. This company has a remarkable online reputation and outstanding portfolio.

Key features 

  • State-specific formation details – Incfile provides free resources to help you with state-specific formation details.
  • Prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation/Organization – have your paperwork completed by professionals and filed with the relevant authorities.
  • Name search – the company will run unlimited name searches to confirm that the business name that you want is available.
  • Online access dashboard – track your activity online on any device, even on the go.
  • Business tax consultation – receive access to a tax attorney to help you with all of your concerns regarding taxation.

Plans and pricing 

Incfile offers three distinctive plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Free of charge

The Silver plan includes preparing and filing the Articles of Incorporation/Organization, unlimited name searches, and a free registered agent for a year. 

  • $199

The Gold plan includes everything in the Silver plan plus EION business Tax Number, IRS form 2553, banking resolution, and lifetime company alerts.

  • $299

The Platinum package includes everything in the Gold package, plus business contract templates, expedited filing, domain name, and business email. 

Visit Incfile for additional information >>

LegalZoom  — A very experienced company

legalzoom llc homepage

With over two million satisfied customers and a network of over 600,000 professional consultants, LegalZoom is the most experienced company on our list. It’s one of the most popular service providers out there. This company offers you access to a number of features. 

However, unlike the companies that we’ve covered so far, LegalZoom doesn’t provide you with registered agent service for free. You will have to spend additional cash annually to have access to an agent with this company. On the other hand, they do offer a 60-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

Key features 

  • Registered agent service – receive access to a registered agent with a physical address in the required state to handle your paperwork.
  • Name search – ensure that your business name is available before you start working on your documentation and filing it.
  • Total compliance – the company helps you to stay compliant, sends and files required annual reports, takes full responsibility if their team misses anything.
  • Legal protection – access all of the legal help that you need to protect your business in case of a legal dispute or issue.
  • Expedited processing – ensure that your order is processed and filed at the relevant Secretary of State within 24 hours.

Plans and pricing 

LegalZoom offers three pricing plans to future business owners: Economy, Standard, and Express Gold.

You can use their online wizard to help you to choose the right plan for your needs. After answering a series of questions, you will be prompted with a suggested plan and other available plans.

Keep in mind that none of their plans include a registered agent service. You will have to pay an additional fee for that service:

  • Registered agent service – $249 per year
  • Free of charge

The Basic plan comes with everything that you need to incorporate your business, including name search, articles of organization, financial account authorization, and a business checklist.

  • $249

The Pro plan comes with everything in Economy plus membership certificates, an official company embosser, and all essential documents printed on archival paper and delivered to your address.

  • $299

The Premium plan includes everything in Standard plus expedited processing and express shipping. 

Visit LegalZoom for additional information >>

MyCorporation — Top option for smaller companies

mycorporation homepage

MyCorporation caters to the needs of smaller companies. It has many features carefully grouped together and offered through four pricing plans. Their excellent track record and strong experience in the industry make this company a reliable option for your online business incorporation.

MyCorporation also offers a registered agent service. However, it’s only available in their higher priced packages. They have made the incorporation process simple while providing phone support to address any of your immediate concerns.

Key features 

  • Name search – ensure that your business name is available before filing any paperwork.
  • Articles of Incorporation – access all of the help that you need with articles of incorporation.
  • Bylaws – benefit from legal guidance and advice regarding your corporate bylaws and other legal matters.
  • Annual reports – receive annual reports to track your activity.
  • Registered agent service – secure a designated registered agent with a physical address in the required state.
  • MaintainMyBizz – get all of the help that you need to file up to four business documents or choose from different business accessories such as apostille and corporate seal.

Plans and pricing 

MyCorporation offers four pricing plans: Basics, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium.

  • $99

The Basic plan includes articles of incorporation and name availability search.

  • $124

The Standard plan includes everything from Basics plus bylaws, waivers, minutes, and annual reports.

  • $224

The Deluxe plan includes everything from Standard plus registered agent services.

  • $324

The Premium plan includes everything from Deluxe plus MaintainMyBiz services.

Visit MyCorporation for additional information >>

BizFiling — Simple incorporation wizard 

bizfilings llc homepage

When you see a leading global compliance firm such as Wolters Kluwer recommending an online incorporation service provider, it tells you that it’s a trustworthy company. That’s the case with BizFiling. This company offers affordable services and a great incorporation wizard that is easy to use.

The company has a free registered agent service. However, it doesn’t last for an entire year. You can benefit from having a free agent through their company for six months. Once that period expires, you will have to pay an annual fee to use this service again.

Key features 

  • Registered agent service – access a free registered agent service for six months to streamline your paperwork and documentation.
  • Incorporation wizard – benefit from a guided incorporation process instead of wasting time reading and choosing from dozens of features.
  • Expedited processing – have your order processed the same day so that you can form your business as quickly as possible.
  • EIN obtainment service – have the company handle technicalities with the IRS to obtain your EIN
  • Overnight shipping – get your hands on all of the important documents fast.

Plans and pricing 

BizFilings offers three payment plans: Basic, Standard, and Complete. You are also allowed to choose additional features for each plan and pay extra.

  • $99

The Basic plan includes a registered agent, filing the articles of organization, and forming your business with the state.

  • $229

The Standard plan includes everything in the Basic plus business kit and seal, sample operating agreements, expedited processing, and customizable business forms.

  • $359

The Complete plan includes everything in the Standard plus EIN obtainment service, compliance video guides, a certified copy of state-filed documents, and overnight shipping.The Complete plan includes everything in the Standard plus EIN obtainment service, compliance video guides, a certified copy of state-filed documents, and overnight shipping.

Visit BizFiling for additional information >>

Things to look for from your online incorporation services 

Sometimes, even if you have a list of the best online incorporation services, it can be hard to pick the best one to help you form your business. Here are a few things that you should look for from your online incorporation service provider.

Level of customer support

Customer support is a crucial factor when choosing online incorporation services. Being able to contact the provider whenever you have a question or concern can provide you with ease of mind. There are two things to confirm regarding customer support.

First, you must ensure that you are OK with their work schedule. Some providers have support departments that work 24/7/365, while others might offer more limited access. Secondly, you must ensure that they provide a communication channel that you are comfortable working with (email, phone, online chat).


Usability of services is the next thing to look for in assessing online incorporation opportunities. If you don’t like to go through a massive list of features, you might find solutions that offer an incorporation wizard more attractive.

Then we also have to consider the usability of the website. It’s paramount that you can easily navigate their website, find relevant documents, and log in/out from your account. 

Turnaround time

Turnaround time refers to the time that it takes for the incorporation services to process your order, file the relevant documents, and get your business formed. It is the most important factor for people who want their corporation up and running as soon as possible. 

If you are in a hurry, check the standard turnaround time and also whether you can pay extra to expedite the process. 


The final factor is money, of course. As you can see, the incorporation services offer different price tags and unique features. Write down all of your needs and discover the pricing plan that delivers the most value for you. 

Consider making a spreadsheet so that you can easily decide on the best but most affordable option for you. 

Our top picks

Here are the best and most reliable online incorporation services when considered with unique use cases and needs. 

Editor’s choice


Starts at $49

With a spotless history, hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, attractive prices, and high service quality, ZenBusiness is definitely the editor’s choice. This company offers excellent customer support and has an intuitive website. It’s also a public benefit corporation. Every dollar that you spend at ZenBusiness will help minority-owned businesses to prosper. 

Best value

If you are looking for the best value for money, your eyes should be on Incfile. It’s the only incorporation service provider on our list that offers free service. Even if you decide to invest in a premium plan, you’ll receive great value and be able to access features such as corporate bylaws, EIN, and banking resolution. 

Most reliable support

Northwest Registered Agent not only excels at providing incorporation services online, but it also has state-of-the-art customer support. The company even trademarked the slogan “We’re Just Not Annoying.” They will always reply to your email on the same day. You can also contact them via phone or start an online chat with support agents. 

Simple process

BizzFiling is the easiest online incorporation service to use. You won’t have to stress yourself with a variety of features and different price points. Instead, the BizzFiling incorporation wizard will guide you through the process and provide you with a custom-tailored incorporation option that reflects your needs and future goals. 


Can people incorporate a business on their own? 

Yes, of course. You can incorporate a business on your own without the help of an attorney. However, you need specific knowledge to do it. For instance, you must write your own Articles of Organization or Incorporation. 

You also need to take care of the bylaws and ensure that you are compliant with the latest rules and regulations. Finally, you will need to find a registered agent and learn which fees you are required to pay depending on your state.

How is an LLC formed? 

The Secretary of State’s office in your state is in charge of forming LCC. The office needs you to file the Articles of Organization to form an LLC. It is a standard form that includes your name and address. It also includes the purpose of your LLC and other business details. 

What are the costs of incorporation? 

The costs of incorporation vary from state to state, and they are anywhere between $50–$500. However, other factors can affect the final cost of incorporation, such as the cost of having a registered agent, filing fees, and online incorporation service fees. 

What are the requirements for forming a corporation? 

The essential requirement for forming a corporation is filing the Articles of Incorporation, which includes the corporation’s name, address, purpose, registered agent’s name and address, and stock information. Given that all states have additional unique requirements, you may also have to provide other information as required by a specific law.


The process of starting a company can be somewhat chaotic. If you think you’ll need help to streamline the process, online incorporation services are your go-to option. 

These six online incorporation services make forming your business significantly easier. As you can see, each one of the service providers offers unique features which are available at different price points. Make sure to consider your specific needs and goals, as they can help you to choose the perfect incorporation service provider.

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