Best PDF reader plugins for WordPress

Since PDF is such a popular document format, chances are that you’re going to need a PDF document reader on your WordPress powered website. We already showed you how to use the power of Google Docs to implement a PDF reader by creating a shortcode. But if you’re not interested in creating the custom viewer, we have a list of great PDF reader plugins which may help you deal with Portable Document Format (yep, that what PDF stands for).

WordPress PDF Reader Plugins

It doesn’t matter which document you will want to show on your site, any of the plugins from our list will definitely help you a lot when it comes to PDF. In the following lines, we’re about to show you some of the best PDF reader/viewer plugins for WordPress. So, let’s start the list without any particular order.

PDF viewer for WordPress

PRICE: $14

PDF viewer for WordPress

If you like viewing PDFs with Adobe Reader, this plugin will definitely be the first thing you should check out. It’s so because it will you give the same feel as the Adobe Reader, yet it will work perfectly with your WordPress theme. The plugin is responsive and works great on all platforms as well as in all browsers.

Since it comes with the customization panel, you can match the PDF viewer to your website and change colors and customize the elements. You can have different functions activated: easily print the document, download it, open in presentation mode, enable social sharing button and much, much more. If you’re trying to show bigger files, like e-books, this plugin will make it easy because there are no size restrictions on it. If you choose to do so, the plugin will even find all .pdf links and activate the viewer for them. There is much more the plugin can do for you so don’t forget to check it out.

  • Works on all platforms and browsers
  • Plenty of functions right on top of the viewer
  • Finds all PDF links and activates the viewer for them

PDF Wizard – Responsive FlipBook WP Extension

PRICE: $15 (just the extension)

PDF Reader WordPress - Wizard Responsive FlipBook WP Extension

When trying to show off a book or even allow people to go through your online version of the catalog, style can be important. Sometimes, a simple PDF viewer just isn’t enough and you will want more from it. That’s when you will want to check out PDF Wizard, a neat little extension for Responsive FlipBook plugin.

This extension will allow you to easily convert any PDF into a flipbook which will then allow your users to flip the book like it’s the real one. After you create a flipbook from your PDF, you can zoom it in and out, flip it automatically, print the document, open it in full-page and much more. The FlipBook plugin is required before you can use the extension which makes this plugin a bit more expensive. But the plugin itself has quite a lot of features which you might like so be sure to check it out.

  • Requires Responsive FlipBook Plugin to work
  • Stylish
  • Converts any PDF into a FlipBook

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin


WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

Sometimes, you can get the best of a plugin for free. This free plugin will allow you to use any PDF file (no matter its size) and transform it into a flipbook which you can then show to your online viewers. The plugin creates thumbnails below the book for easier navigation and it will work great on all documents.

By scrolling through the newly created book, your visitors can zoom into pages or open it in full-page view, while you can always allow the book to be downloaded from your website. PDF Light Viewer is responsive so you shouldn’t worry about embedding it into your theme or showing on mobile devices. It comes with lazy loading integrated and you can even have the preview of your book right on the dashboard. The plugin even supports multisite so give it a check.

  • Responsive
  • Thumbnails for easy navigation
  • Support all PDFs

PDF Embedder

PRICE: Free/$20

PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder allows you to upload PDFs to your website and show them easily like you show any image files. It will automatically embed the file unless you specify dimensions you want. The plugin uses JavaScript to power itself up which means there are no iframes or calling out for other services on the web.

Because it is JavaScript powered, it means you can have much more control over it if you’re a developer. This plugin comes both in free and premium versions. While the free one will offer most basic functions, you will want a premium one if you want a download button, a feature to skip pages, working hyperlinks or to use the plugin flawlessly on mobile devices. The free version will stick the logo onto your PDF toolbar which is something you can get rid of if you decide to use the premium version.

  • Free version
  • JavaScript powered
  • Automatically sized if you don’t specify the dimensions

Real 3D FlipBook

PRICE: $18

Real 3D FlipBook - create ebook from any PDF

By using the power of WebGL (Web Graphics Library), Real 3D FlipBook can create realistic e-books from any of your PDFs or from any image that you have on your WordPress website. After you enter the URL to your PDF, the 3D book will be ready in seconds and it will look amazing. While this might not be the best solution for entire e-books, you can amaze your visitors by showing catalogs and brochures with this plugin.

No one will need any third party plugins in their browsers to make this book work. It is responsive and specially optimized for mobile devices. The plugin comes with 3 skins included which you can easily customize through CSS, plus there are 10 background patterns. The plugin features advanced zooming technique which includes scrolling, pinch zoom, touch swipe and a few more. You can have your menus and table of contents customized, using only icons that you need. These are only some of the feature this great plugin can offer so be sure to check it on CodeCanyon and don’t forget the demo version.

  • Realistic 3D look and animation
  • Very customizable
  • 3 skins + 10 backgrounds included

Whether you choose to implement your own PDF viewer or you choose any one of these plugins, you can be sure you won’t have any trouble showing and sharing your PDF documents. Which plugin do you like the best?

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  1. Plugin pdf light viewer properly installed.
    When importing the pdf file the import button does not seem to work. Nothing happens !
    I’m in localhost under Ubuntu 16.04
    Have you had this problem?
    Thank you for your answers

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