Top 3 plugins for limiting login attempts

When it comes to the security of your website, you should take care of small things which could help you build a gate that will stop any unwanted access to your site. And you should start with limiting the number of login attempts.

We have talked about limiting access by editing .htaccess file directly, and limiting access by IP address using a plugin or even directly placing a code into the aforementioned file.

To round up this kind of protection, you might want to limit login attempts. What does this mean? If you’re using a default WordPress installation, your wp-admin page will allow you, or anyone else, to access it. And not only that; if you leave it as it is, anyone could try to log in numerous times which is a call for brute force attacks that anyone can start on your site. That’s why you should consider limiting login attempts and allow only a certain number of login attempts before WordPress locks itself up and forbids access to the user.

Login Ninja

PRICE: $19

Login Ninja

Login Ninja is a premium WordPress plugin dedicated to protecting your site. This awesome ninja will protect login and registration forms with captcha and will automatically ban IP addresses that might brute attack you. The plugin will allow you to see a detailed log of all activities and you can opt in to receive email notifications about login events – nothing can hide from this dexterous protector.

Login Ninja doesn’t stop here. It also allows you to redirect users based on user roles and usernames, to manually ban any suspicious IP, and it comes with a detailed documentation. Check out the official website to see Login Ninja in action.

Login LockDown


This plugin will make everything simple. After you install and activate Login LockDown, the plugin starts with the work. It tracks the number of login attempts and writes down IP address which tried to log in.

With default settings, the plugin will block any IP address after three failed attempts within 5 minutes. You can change the number in the options panel and see why Login LockDown is trusted among 200,000+ people on different websites.

Login Security Solution


This plugin will also let you easily limit the number of login attempts to your WordPress dashboard. But it’s definitely not the only thing this great plugin will do for you. It is an awesome choice for websites with more than one user where you want to take control over security and it is a good thing to know it works with multisite.

Login Security Solution will block any brute force and dictionary attacks, track IP address, usernames and passwords being used. If the plugin finds out that the failed login matches a previous failure, it slows down the entire login process with every login attempt and thus makes the attacker give up. If by any chance a hacker succeeds, this plugin will recognize him and immediately log him out while giving him a password reset page.

The plugin will also let you force your users to change passwords every now and then. In the time of this article was being written, there were 20,000+ active installs of this plugin; see the full list of features, try Login Security Solution and see why it is one of the best for the job.

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