Best WordPress plugins for adding PayPal buttons

If you want to put a PayPal payment option and let people buy something with a click of a button or let your visitors donate money using PayPal, somehow you will need to create that button. We already showed you how to place a button by yourself by linking an image to your PayPal profile.

If that’s too much for you or you prefer to have a plugin to do all the “dirty” job, see some of the plugins which will make everything easy.

All you will have to do is to install one of the plugins and enter your information while the plugin will do the rest. So, without further ado, let’s see how plugins can help you in adding a PayPal button.

WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept


After an easy installation, this plugin will let you place a PayPal button in your post, page or on the sidebar. All you will have to do is to specify your e-mail address and place a simple shortcode where you want your “Buy Now” or “Donate” button to appear. The shortcode can be edited with an e-mail address, currency, country, etc. You are able to place more than one button on your site and make it easier to pay for different products or services. If you’re placing a button for a donation, you may even place a small textbox where a visitor can input an amount he would like to donate. It is important to notice that this plugin does not have a shopping cart, i.e. e-commerce functionality but it is great for simple payment or donation options. To learn more about the plugin and its functionality, visit the official pages.


Quick PayPal Payments


Quick PayPal Payments
If you only need a simple payment or donation option on your site, Quick PayPal Payments can help you. There isn’t much you have to do with this plugin. Simply install it, enter your e-mail address and currency you want to use and you’re ready to go. The plugin accepts all PayPal approved currencies and you can easily place a fixed or variable payment option to any post, page or on the sidebar using a simple shortcode. You can also customize your PayPal form and there is even a downloadable payment record.


WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart


If you have ever browsed through an online shop, even without buying anything, you are familiarized with the shopping cart. It works like the physical shopping cart you use in shops – place items in a cart and drive it to the check out. This plugin will add this neat feature to your WordPress site in a minute. Just place a shortcode where you want you cart icon to appear and people will be able to go through your site, choose products you want to sell and throw them in the virtual shopping cart. Then, if they want to finish their shopping, this plugin will guide them through the PayPal payment and navigate to a “Thank you” page. You can even add shipping fees or offer discount coupons to make shopping even more interesting for your customers. If you use this plugin on a responsive theme, WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart will accommodate and be responsive as well. It is a powerful plugin which can transform your WordPress website into a simple web shop. If you want to see more and learn how to setup the plugin, check out the video.

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