Best Project Management Plugins for WordPress

If you are working on a project which includes other people, you will probably need a software to help you keep everything organized. There are many more or less popular products you can find on the Internet which can help you manage your project in details. Some of them are free, some require you to pay for the product, some have to be installed on a local computer, while some can be accessed online.

While those might be a great solution for any project, if yours is based on WordPress, why go out in the wilderness when there are great tools already available at home.

Instead of reaching out for new software which not only you, but all your colleagues have to learn from scratch, you can grab a WordPress plugin which will act as project management software.

Let’s assume the entire WP team has already learned their way around post, pages, comments, etc., these plugins will let you feel like you have been always working with them. And everything will be stored on your server, being accessible in a click or two.

In this article, we’re about to show you some of the best WordPress plugins for project management.


WP Project Manager

PRICE: Free/$59

This Project Management plugin comes both in free and premium versions. Of course, the free one has limited features, but if you only need to manage a simple project, that just might be enough for you. The plugin lets you create a project where you can assign a task to any number of users. You a free to send messages and make comments with a nice addition of attaching files like you are working with your email client. You can set up milestones and create to-do lists and that’s pretty much it if you are going for a free version. If you decide to upgrade, you will get neat new features like the calendar which can make your life easier while managing a project. Also, you get to set privacy options, permissions and much more. If you want even more, you should check among 16 add-ons which can transform the plugin into a serious project management application.

  • Easy to use
  • File management system
  • Can be upgraded with many add-ons


Task Freak


This free plugin is a WordPress version of Task Freak, open source project management web application ( Instead of having to access it through a different site, now you can have one on your own WordPress dashboard. The plugin lets you easily open new projects and create tasks or to-do lists. As an admin, you can assign your user to any of the tasks while the plugin will let your users know if there is a new assignment waiting for them. Users are free to comment and change statuses of their assignments and there is a file management system available so you don’t have to send attachments separately via email. Tasks that you will be creating can be private or public and you can easily control users by their roles. The plugin integrates with your theme and is mobile friendly which is definitely a good thing when it comes to organizing your work. As an admin, you can view simple project statistics and easily see which tasks are completed, in work or maybe suspended. If you don’t expect much from a project management plugin for WordPress, definitely give this one a chance.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Private and public projects
  • Project statistics




Orbis Project Managament
Orbis is another free plugin designed to serve you as a project management software. Not only that, but Orbis comes packed with some Customer Relation Management & Intranet functionalities which can help you run your business. It works with WordPress posts and pages so you can easily adapt to working with the plugin. To make it even better, the plugin comes with a special Orbis theme so you can manage your project on the front end more easily. Create and manage a project, add people and entire companies into it and interact with team members easily by using WordPress’ standard commenting system. If that’s not enough for you, there are several add-ons which can add tasks, keychains which acts as a safe for your passwords and timesheets which can help with time management.

  • Includes CRM and Intranet functionalities
  • Orbis theme
  • Extendable



PRICE: Free/ from $58

If you are more of a visual type when it comes to management and you like to see graphs and progress bars to instantly see where you’re at, Panorama might interest you. This plugin also comes in a free and premium versions and there is a nice demo available on the official web site that you can check out. This one isn’t designed to completely replace your everyday project management software but simply meant to extend one so you can show your team members how the project is progressing. Panorama allows you to easily create a new project and even copy an old one if you’re in a hurry. Enter data as project name, information about a client, shot details, start and end date and much more. Since there is a premium version available for purchase, you can obviously extend the plugin and get check-lists, image galleries and even a frontend uploader. There is much more about Panorama so be sure to check the full features list if you’re interested into giving at least $58 for the premium version.

  • Graphs and progress bars
  • Easy to control
  • Extendable


Project Manager by TPC

PRICE: free
This plugin is very similar to WP Project manager and shares almost the same features. That means you get to create new projects, work with tasks and notify the members about the work. You get to work with milestones, to-do lists and there is also a file management system which allows you to add attachments which can be shared among participants. The plugin is easy to install and use, and once you start a project, you can set its status to published, completed, draft, pending, and archive or move it to trash. Instead of individual tiles where your projects are listed in WP Project Manager, Project Manager by TPC will make lists of your projects. There really isn’t a big difference between those two and we suggest that you try both plugins to find out which one do you prefer. There is also a nice demo version of the plugin you can view online without having to install the plugin on your server.

  • Easy to use
  • Different project statutes
  • No add-ons or premium versions


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