Top 4 free Push Notifications services & plugins for WordPress

Recently, we talked about different ways of getting more traffic to your WordPress website. If you follow the link, you will see that we found more than one hundred different ways to do so. One of the described methods is using push notifications to engage your readers.

If you are using a smartphone or a tablet which you probably are, you already know how the system works. An application can send you a note directly to your screen and notify you about something. For example, you can get a note from Facebook app about a new comment, a game can remind you about new levels and power-ups, and email apps will quickly show your new message from the inbox. Similarly, push notifications can be used in browsers, and you can benefit from them.

Push notifications are becoming more popular every day, and you can see new sites using them on a regular basis. Once you visit a site, a simple pop-up box will ask you to allow push notifications. If you do so, you will start getting messages from that website whenever a new post is published. As a visitor, you can save yourself time; instead of reloading news sites, for example, you can receive news the very second after they’re published and learn about the stuff you’re interested in.

As a website owner, you should consider installing the feature and allow your visitors to receive push notifications. They will stay up to date, and you will get more engagement since you will get to deliver new articles directly to your readers, right there in the browser while they’re browsing for something else. If you’re lucky, you can even take away readers’ attention while they’re browsing a competitor’s site.

Installing a push notifications system might be something too complicated for a beginner, but if you’re a WordPress user, things are served to you on a silver platter. Yes, there are great plugins which can do the job for you, and you can start sending notifications in the following minutes. You just have to choose a plugin and start. Here’s the list of the best WordPress plugins for sending push notifications.



OneSignal push notifications plugin for WordPress
With more than 10,000 active installs, OneSignal is definitely one of the most popular plugins for sending push notifications. And there’s a good reason for it. The plugin supports Chrome both on desktop computers and Android devices, and it runs perfectly on Safari (Mac OS X) and Firefox. It allows you to automatically send notifications each time you publish a post, and you can quickly set up a reminder for those users who haven’t visited your site for a few days.

OneSignal allows you to customize targeting so that you can send notifications only to users speaking a particular language, those who have visited your site for a specific number of times, and you can even create your own attributes.

Real Time Analytics will let you see the real numbers; see how many people are subscribed, how many of them saw and clicked your notification and much more. A/B testing will allow you try several messages to see which one got you the most conversions. You can schedule notifications, and do much more with this excellent plugin.

Roost Web Push


Although less popular than OneSignal, Roost Web Push offers many great features. The plugin will let you push notifications to Chrome (both desktop and Android), Safari and Firefox. The plugin will take your worries away and allow automatic notifications which will be sent every time you publish a post. You can decide which categories will trigger notifications so, for example, you can do that only for your news posts or reviews while the other posts won’t activate the push notification system.

The plugin allows you to turn on notifications even when you update a post, and the great thing is that you get to control how the subscription prompt is displayed to your users.

There is detailed analytics to be found, you can schedule your notifications and much, much more.



PushCrew is another free, relatively popular WordPress plugin which will allow you to send push notifications to your users. Its user-friendly interface will help you create a custom message very quickly. The great thing about the plugin is that it can be installed without a fuss. Once you install this WordPress plugin, it will automatically add the smart code needed for the system to work. All you need is to copy and paste the account ID you will have to create on PushCrew website.

The developers say that the plugin works on all devices and that some of the early users have seen an opt-in rate of 40% and a click rate of 20%. Simply those numbers can be good enough reason to try out the plugin.

Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist


Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist
PushAssist has just over 300 active installs at the moment, but the plugin is rapidly growing popular. It is easy to install because everything needed for the system to work is installed automatically with the plugin. Depending on the operating system, PushAssit can play a sound next to a message alert which you can edit and show automatically after you publish a new post. You can divide users with segmentations and even choose to notify them after you update older posts.

You can be sure that the plugin will work for you always because it works for both HTTP and HTTPS WordPress websites. If you want to send your site logo with each notification, you can quickly set this up in the plugin’s settings. It’s a great feature that can help you build brand awareness.

On the dashboard, you will find detailed analytics of your notifications so you can monitor how many people received and how many clicked on the message you pushed to their browser.

No matter which plugin you choose, push notifications can help you receive that extra attention from your readers. Of course, you will start by having a small number of users who will actually accept messages from your site, but as your site grows, the number of subscribers will also grow with it.

Be aware that many users find subscription prompt annoying so you should consider activating one only on special occasions (if you choose a plugin which will allow you to do so). Also, if a user subscribed, that doesn’t mean that you should send him new alerts several times during a day because you might end up spamming your loyal visitor. Everything depends on your site and your visitors, but try to be moderate – it will be worth it.

Have you already tried using a push notification system on your site? What is your experience with it?

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