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Social media networks have never been stronger. Whether you like that or not, they influence lives of millions of people all over the world. Since people can’t live without social media, it is an imperative that you have a personal as well as business account on at least several of those.

In this modern world, business can’t be taken seriously if you can’t find its Facebook page. If you can’t mention someone or retweet them on Twitter, you will probably give them negative points to your overall score. You will probably think a business is better if it has a professional Google+ page with the location pinned on Google Maps. We can continue on talking about all the social media networks, but you get the point.

That’s why it’s important that you manage social media networks on your WordPress website as well. We already showed you how to quickly add social media icons but with these plugins, everything will be much, much easier and you will be able to start enjoying all the networks and connecting with people. Choose one of the plugins which best suits your need and start building relationships and attracting new visits.


PRICE: from $69 per year


With Monarch, you can display over 35 most popular social networks on the Internet. There are several ways of adding icons to your site with this plugin. You can create collections of sharing options and you can be sure everything will look clean, modern and beautiful. Just by clicking a few buttons, you are able to place social network icons in a floating sidebar, above or under the content, on images and videos, in a pop-up window or as an automatic fly-in window. There are six triggers for pop-up and fly-in options so you can choose to show your icons after a certain amount of time, after commenting and much more. For every icon, you can choose a shape of the button, text, and colors and every button will be responsive so you won’t have to worry about your mobile visitors. Everything is very easy to install and use. Make sure to check out the demo site and you will probably want Monarch as your social networks manager for WordPress.

  • 35 social networks
  • 5 locations to place social media buttons
  • 6 automatic triggers for displaying icons


WordPress Social Stream

PRICE: $18

WordPress Social Stream

Including 15 social networks and over 60 feed options, this premium plugin is a must-have for anyone who wants a great control over social media. The plugin will combine all your social media interactions into one stream and make everything much easier – for you and for your readers. You can choose to display Social Network Wall or use rotating feed list. Check out all the features on CodeCanyon and enjoy this great plugin.

  • Over 60 feed options
  • Single stream from all networks
  • Rotating feed or Network Wall


SharePlus (+)

PRICE: $11

Share Plus

Powered by jQuery, HTML 5 and CSS 3, this premium plugin is a modern WordPress plugin designed to help you with social networks. There are 5 different themes ready for you to choose from. Set up everything in a few clicks, choose networks you want to use, customize the theme if you want and you’re ready to go. Specially designed admin panel will help you in creating and organizing everything. You can track social media sharing with Google Analytics. You can set the plugin to show a Share+ box after user has finished with reading the article or set one up to show after a period of time.

  • 5 different themes
  • Auto-open
  • Powered by jQuery, CSS3 and supports HTML5




SocialBox Social Profile
SocialBox gives you the ability to place social media icons to your WordPress website. It comes with 5 different skins to choose from and you’re free to make your custom skin and match it perfectly to your currently used theme. The plugin displays statistics from the most popular social networks like a number of Facebook page likes and check-ins, Twitter feed, Youtube and Vimeo channel subscribers and much, much more. You can choose to use compact or full numbers to display in your box, rearrange icons and choose one you need.

  • 5 different skins
  • Display social media statistics
  • Compact or full numbers


Social Share & Locker Pro

PRICE: $18

Social Share Locker

Social Share & Locker Pro is a responsive and retina ready plugin perfect for putting social media icons on your WordPress website. The plugin can be displayed in multiple locations on your site. You can choose if you want the icons to appear on top of the page, bottom, on the sidebar, over image, as a pop-up, as locked content or much more. Decide if you want counter to be shown, choose one of the 35 animation effects and choose one of the 10 provided themes. With the locker feature, you’re given the power to lock the content and show one only if a user has shared it via social network. You can do that by completely blocking the content or by placing a transparent box over it. Check out the demo site to see how this feature works. The plugin provides plenty of features for the price and there are several more addons available for purchasing. Be sure to check everything on CodeCanyon and before you realize it, you’ll have Social Share & Locker Pro on your plugin list.

  • Multiple display locations
  • Locked content
  • 10 themes


Fixed WordPress Social Share buttons

PRICE: $16

Fixed WordPress Social Share

This simple premium plugin will let you show retina ready social media icons on the sidebar. As the name suggests, the icons will stay fixed on the side and let your visitors access them at any time, anywhere on your site. The plugin will let you change everything on the fly simply by using scale bars. You can add any social network icon you like to, add the number of shares next to it, and you are able to paste your own CSS code to make icons fit perfectly into your theme.

  • Retina ready
  • Fixed bar
  • Custom CSS
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