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Most of us like to travel. With Internet, finding a new location has become easier than ever and there are numberless offers from which you can choose a new destination to go to. All you need is free time and money (both hard to get for most of us). If you have ever tracked a destination online or booked a stay in hotel, you know how important design of a website is. So if you want to create a WordPress powered website dedicated to traveling or you want to put your traveling agency online, offer tours, rent rooms, etc. these powerful WordPress themes can do a great job for you.

Guest House


PRICE: $58

This theme comes in a set of two where the first one is designed for hotels, guest rooms or any kind of accommodation you offer while the other one is sports related. Everything can be easily changed and renamed in the admin area. There is a nice slider which will load every room you want to rent and there is also a booking form on top of the slider where your visitor can easily make a reservation. Guest Room theme is pretty simple yet it will give you everything necessary for your small business.

  • Two themes
  • Booking form
  • Mobile version



PRICE: $63

Holiday is a WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, motels or any other kind of accommodation services you have to offer. It comes with an elegant menu and a big slider which creates a cozy atmosphere while browsing the offer. Holiday will make it easy for you to categorize your rooms and show them in a separate box on the front-page. You can customize and choose any color you want, there are tons of fonts for you to choose from and it supports WooCommerce which will make it easier to rent your rooms. There is a booking form builder which will allow you to create custom orders and special booking database where you can manage all the reservations.

  • Room categorization
  • Booking form builder and Booking database
  • Customizable



PRICE: $69

If you are travel enthusiast or have a small traveling business, Adventure theme will offer a beautiful way of showing your content. It comes with full-width slider where you can present your articles and pictures. Just underneath the slider is “About box” where you can show information about you/your company and provide social media links – something that is very important for a traveling site if you ask us.

Adventure Theme is simple; it loads fast, looks nice and it is responsive. It has integrated Google Map Widget which will help you in showing your current location and let you show every place on Earth you have visited so far including those you want to visit.

  • Google Map Widget
  • Beautiful slider with “About box”
  • Responsive and simple



PRICE: $75

Expedition is a great choice for your traveling agency, guide or review site. It looks very clean and comes with predefined areas for banners which may help you get a dollar or two more in your pocket. It includes somewhat small slider for your most important content and provides clean sections for other articles in the content area. There are numerous colors and font options, you can choose background and logos, easily manage ads, etc.

  • Banner ad management
  • Color, font, background and logo options
  • Clean and simple design



PRICE: $69

Explorable WordPress theme is a very interesting one. Instead of giving you only a standard layout with sliders, menus and content columns (although it has one, too), this one will load a gigantic full-width Google Map where you can pin points of interest. Whether those are locations you have visited and want to show or you are giving tours to specific areas, have rooms around the world, or whatever, it will look awesome to have locations shown on a Google Map across the screen. Once a visitor clicks on the location, short article with a picture can be shown on the left side. You can filter your location depending on listing type, location and rating.

  • Full-width Google Map
  • Location filter
  • Included standard blog



PRICE: $95

Voyage is a perfect theme for your travel agency. A custom menu, with all other options, makes an awesome searching tool which can handle your offer and let your potential customer easily find travel destination of choice. This responsive theme is very customizable and will offer travel-specific features like booking calendar, maps, attractions, etc. Admin area promises easy information management and will let you easily customize any part of your site.

  • One click installation
  • Very customizable
  • Booking calendar, maps, attractions and other features

Olympus Inn


PRICE: $39

Olympus Inn is a responsive & retina ready theme perfect for you resort. Over a big slider where you can easily show your most beautiful pictures, there is a booking form where you can engage your visitors into booking a room in an easy manner. There are many customization options and a lot of features like dynamic weather report, testimonials, galleries, attractions, etc. Olympus Inn is somewhat cheaper than other themes in this article and because of that is an even better choice for your small resort.

  • Responsive & Retina ready
  • Booking form
  • Dynamic weather report, testimonials, galleries, etc.



PRICE: $49.95

Traveler is a WordPress theme designed for travel journals, city portals or anything travel related. It features a simple content slider which gives enough room for a Travel Search box on the right. Traveler is responsive and because of that looks great on any mobile screen. It comes with 5 colors sets to choose from and WordPress photo gallery. By default, there is weather forecast and the theme is ready for your Adsense program.

  • Travel Search
  • 5 color sets
  • Adsense ready

Traveler (the other one)


PRICE: $16

Although it shares name with the previous theme, this Traveler is totally different from the last one. The theme lets you choose among several modern layouts. It is designed after researching some of the most popular travel booking sites like, tripadvisor, yahoo travel, etc. and features some of the best things a travel site needs. Above great slider, video, word rotator or any other options you chose, there is an information box which contains tabs where you can find search options for hotels, flights, cars or any other activities you have. Top destinations and last minute deals can be easily accentuated. There are tons of options and yet this theme is more affordable than many aforementioned ones so be sure to check it out in detail.

  • Several layout designs and color schemes
  • Easy booking access split in tabs
  • Features inspired by most popular traveling sites



PRICE: $39

This responsive and retina ready theme will give you power to easily create your traveling agency WP site. It comes with several must-have features which will allow you to manage categories, prices and many, many more. Cousteau is very customizable and has a powerful admin page where you do your magic in creating a perfect traveling site. It features a full-width slider where you can present your most popular offers and other categories can be viewed in a two-column content area which looks really neat.

  • Travel packages
  • Powerful filtering system
  • Very customizable

Dream Travel Club


PRICE: $75

If you want to present traveling destinations for your traveling agency in a stunning way, Dream Travel Club could be a theme for you. A great welcoming slider allows you to show images of the destinations in high resolution and attract your visitor instantly. The theme contains a lot of dynamic content which will make your site more live and engage more visitors. It will let you present destinations, book tickets, make room reservations or anything else you have to offer.

  • Welcoming slider with images
  • Parallax and Lazy Load effects
  • 80+ shortcodes

Favorable Ranch Location


PRICE: $75

This responsive and fully editable theme will make your ranch look even better for your visitors. With the big slider, you can accentuate the beauty of the surroundings which are probably the most important thing your visitors will look for. You can easily present activities you offer like hunting, horse-back riding, hiking, etc.

  • Responsive
  • Parallax and Lazy Load effects
  • 80+ shortcodes
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