The Best Virtual Assistant Services for 2024

Your Guide to Selecting the Best Virtual Assistant

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: January 7th, 2024
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The Best Virtual Assistant Services for 2024

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you struggle to keep up with a busy workload. As your company grows, so does the amount of work that needs to be done. Perhaps you can cover most of your obligations, but some assistance with the administration and day-to-day tasks could come in handy.

If this is the case for you, virtual assistants are exactly what you need. They offer unique software solutions that can tackle repetitive and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of your business.


Virtual assistants are very popular today, and the market is brimming with all kinds of virtual assistant services. In this article, you can learn more about the current top ten solutions.

Top 10 virtual assistant services

Finding the right virtual assistant for you and your business can use a lot of your time and resources, so we have selected the top ten virtual assistant services.

Time etc — Best service overall

timeetc homepage

If you’re looking for the best virtual assistant service overall, Time etc is a perfect fit. This company has been offering leading virtual assistant services since 2017. One of Richard Branson’s previous personal assistants leads this company, and they have made efficiency and professionalism significant priorities in their customer service.

Time etc currently has over 22,000 clients, and their ten-step selection process ensures that each client receives the type of virtual assistance they need. With affordable packages and no setup costs, Time etc is an excellent investment.

Key features

  • Rollover of unused hours – stop worrying about losing prepaid hours since unused hours roll over to the next month.
  • Custom assistant matching – their detailed selection process ensures that you receive a virtual assistant perfectly matched to you.
  • Money-back guarantee – you can stop using Time etc services whenever you wish with a lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • Dedicated client manager – a dedicated manager focuses on client satisfaction.
  • Assistant sharing – feel free to share your assistant with your team to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.


Time etc offers multiple pricing plans, each with hourly rates. Although there are four available plans, companies can always contact Time etc and design a custom plan if needed.

Ten hours
  • $360 per month 
    $36 per hour

Receive an expertly matched and dedicated virtual assistant for ten hours. You can add extra assistants and share your assistant with the team for free.

Twenty hours
  • $700 per month 
    $35 per hour

This plan includes an expertly matched and dedicated virtual assistant for 20 hours. You can add additional assistants and share your assistant with the team for free. Roll over unused hours to the next month.

Forty hours
  • $1,360 per month
    $34 per hour

This plan is the same as the previous one, except you receive the services of a virtual assistant for 40 hours.

Sixty hours
  • $1,980 per month 
    $33 per hour

This plan shares the features of the previous two, but you receive the services of a virtual assistant for 60 hours.

Visit Time etc for additional information >>

Fancy Hands — Excellent quick request handling

fancyhands homepage

Finding a virtual assistant that can quickly handle all kinds of requests isn’t easy, but it’s something that Fancy Hands does perfectly.

With a dedicated assistant, you can handle any obligation that comes your way. Their services include basic business tasks but they can also complete any other activity with which you need assistance.

Any business can benefit from Fancy Hands because this virtual assistant service offers comprehensive plans that companies can customize according to their workload. Fancy Hands users can make the most of the virtual assistant service with scheduling integrations, app integrations, and special projects.

Key features

  • Temporary and ongoing solutions – Fancy Hands has a plan for you, whether you need help from time to time or regularly.
  • Various virtual assistant services – access multiple assistant services, including text messaging, scheduling, and purchasing.
  • Premium availability – contact your virtual assistant via text, phone, the web, or email.
  • Special projects and teams – enjoy creating unique projects and teams for all of your tasks.
  • Access to exclusive discounts – Fancy Hands works with numerous companies and professionals, allowing you to get products and services at a discounted price.


There are four pricing plans at Fancy Hands, depending on the number of requests you need each month.

  • $17.99 per month
    $179.99 per year

The Small plan includes all Fancy Hands services for three monthly requests, which is $6 per request.

  • $29.99 per month
    $299.99 per year

The Medium plan includes all Fancy Hands services for five monthly requests, which is $6 per request.

  • $74.99 per month
    $799.99 per year

The Large plan includes all Fancy Hands services for 15 requests per month, which is $5 per request.

  • $149.99 per month
    $1,599.99 per year

The Large plan includes all Fancy Hands services for 30 requests per month, which is $5 per request.

Visit Fancy Hands for additional information >>

Prialto — Ideal for large teams

prialto homepage

Prialto is another outstanding virtual assistant service that provides its clients with an experienced team and a hands-on approach. This is especially important for larger teams and companies with complex structures.

How does Prialto function? The company’s managers will work with you to create a plan to respond to all of your needs and provide you with the desired virtual assistant services. Then, you meet your virtual assistants, after which you can start delegating tasks.

Key features

  • Developing relationships with clients – customers are in touch with engagement managers who ensure that everyone is satisfied with the services they receive.
  • A wide range of tasks – Prialto’s team can handle the broadest task range, so you can rest assured that you’ll complete everything on your list.
  • Fully-trained assistants – a team of experienced and skilled professionals will take care of every task in the best possible way, so that you know your company is in good hands regardless of the tools you’re using.
  • Assistance for everyone – from individuals to international enterprises, Prialto can give you the necessary help, even for the most extensive teams.
  • Quick setup – Prialto can begin assessing your business needs immediately, allowing you to use their services after only 3-5 days.


There are three different pricing plans at Prialto. Whether you need assistance as an individual, team, or enterprise, Prialto has a solution for you.

  • Starting at $1,350 per month

The Individual plan comes with 55 hours of monthly support and caters to only one member. It includes quarterly consultations and individual process design.

  • Starting at $4,050 per month

The Team plan has 165+ hours of monthly support and caters to 3+ members. It includes monthly consultations, team process design, and pooled resource benefits.

  • Custom pricing

The Organization plan is available for 8+ members and includes 440+ hours of monthly support. It offers numerous other features, such as organizational process design, utilization and feedback reporting, metrics-driven pilots, team leadership support, and more.

Visit Prialto for additional information >>

MyTasker — Well-rounded service

mytasker homepage

MyTasker is an excellent option if you’re looking for a well-rounded service that can assist you with accounting, administration, digital marketing, web development, writing, editing, and more. 

MyTasker is based in India, and all of their employees work in one office. Therefore, you can access a virtual assistant, a virtual assistant with backup, or an entire team of VAs. With affordable pricing plans and a wide selection of services, MyTasker provides excellent offerings to its clients.

Key features

  • Working with experts – virtual assistants can offer expert advice for any challenging business area.
  • Secured confidentiality – virtual assistants and their computers are under 24-hour CCTV supervision. This way, you know that all of your business data is safe with MyTasker. Moreover, all employees undergo background checks and sign NDAs for maximum security.
  • Affordable pricing – MyTasker is one of the most affordable virtual assistants that offer reliable services, so it’s among the best budget-friendly options.
  • 24/7 service – since MyTasker runs 24/7, businesses in all time zones can access services whenever they want. This 24/7 availability also comes in handy when you need a hand on urgent projects.
  • VA backups – you don’t want to lose your virtual assistant privileges if your VA gets sick. That’s why you always receive a trained VA backup for those situations.


Similarly to other virtual assistant services, MyTasker charges its clients hourly.

10 hours
  • $140

For $140, you receive ten hours of full access to all MyTasker services. The plan lasts 30 days.

20 hours
  • $250

For $250, you receive 20 hours of full access to all MyTasker services. The plan lasts 30 days.

40 hours
  • $450

This plan offers 40 hours of full access to all MyTasker services and lasts 30 days.

60 hours
  • $600

Receive 60 hours of full access to all MyTasker services with this 30-day plan.

100 hours
  • $900

This plan also lasts 30 days but provides full access to all MyTasker services for 100 hours.

Visit MyTasker for additional information >>

Virtual Assist USA — Wide choice of experienced and specialized VAs

virtualassistusa homepage

Picking a general virtual assistant company is ideal if you need a helping hand with tasks such as email management, research, bookkeeping, or other day-to-day business tasks. However, if you run a legal office, a hospital, or any other specialized company, you might need someone that knows how to handle other industry-related tasks.

Virtual Assist USA offers virtual assistant experts who can provide professional assistance in various fields and industries. Whether you need one VA for everyday tasks or a team of VAs to help with an extensive project, Virtual Assist USA can help you out.

Although it’s one of the more expensive virtual assistant services, its flawless functionality makes it worth the investment.

Key features

  • Plenty of experience – since Virtual Assist USA only hires assistants with a minimum of ten years of experience, you know you’re working only with highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Specialized industries – this company’s most significant advantage is that it offers specialized assistance for industries that might not benefit from general VA services.
  • Rollover of unused hours – don’t stress about not using all of the hours that you paid for at the beginning of the month, because Virtual Assist USA will roll them over to the next month.
  • Trained backups – if your primary VA gets sick or goes on a holiday, you’ll always have a trained backup ready to tackle your tasks in the meantime.
  • Free team access – sometimes, a dedicated VA isn’t enough to complete a more extensive project and meet your deadline. In those cases, Virtual Assist USA offers you free access to a team of VAs.


There are three pre-made plans at Virtual Assist USA. However, you can also create a custom plan depending on your needs.

15 hours
  • $570 per month
    $38 per hour

Access all Virtual Assist USA services for 15 hours each month for a $570 monthly fee which works out to $38 per hour.

30 hours
  • $1,080 per month
    $36 per hour

Access all services for 30 hours monthly for a $1,080 monthly fee, equalling $36 per hour.

50 hours
  • $1,750 per month
    $35 per hour

This plan offers 50 hours each month for a $1,750 monthly fee, equalling $35 per hour to access all services.

Custom plan
  • Custom pricing

If none of the pricing plans above match what you had in mind, you can always create a custom plan with Virtual Assist USA.

Visit Virtual Assist USA for additional information >>

FreeUp — Quick delivery 

freeup homepage

Sometimes, accessing a virtual assistant takes a while, which isn’t ideal if you’re in a hurry and need some assistance urgently. If you need VA services as soon as possible, FreeUp might have just what you need.

FreeUp is a platform that connects freelancers with clients. The most notable feature of FreeUp is how quickly it can equip you with a VA. Even though the service doesn’t offer trained backups, you can still connect with a new VA in a day.

FreeUp is among our top ten picks because of its leading functionality, quick delivery, and fair pricing.

Key features

  • Get a VA in a day – not many services can boast about equipping their clients with a VA in one day, but that is something that you can expect at FreeUp.
  • Outstanding user ratings – Strong positive ratings are the key to choosing an excellent service. Quality VAs means happy customers, and that translates to great ratings.
  • Different price rates – pricing at FreeUp depends on the VA’s location, experience, and duties.
  • Hassle-free billing – all of your billings, hours, and requests are stored in your easily-accessible FreeUp account.
  • 24/7 support – whether you have a simple question or need some assistance, FreeUp customer service is always available.


There are three different pricing plans available at FreeUp.

Entry Level
  • $5 to $15 per hour

An entry-level virtual assistant is the best choice if your business already has some defined processes and systems.

Mid Level
  • $15 to $30 per hour

If you don’t have defined processes and systems, mid-level virtual assistants can use their processes for your projects.

Expert Level
  • $30 to $75+ per hour

An expert-level virtual assistant is the best choice if you’re looking to organize or expand.

Visit FreeUp for additional information >>

Magic — Perfect for rush projects 

magic homepage

Magic is a platform that allows you to connect with college-educated virtual assistants. These assistants work hard to ensure that they finish the projects they’re working on in record time without compromising quality.

As the leading VA service for rush projects and tight deadlines, Magic is the perfect solution for when you need to complete something fast. Since everything at Magic is based on top speed, you can access your own dedicated VA in just two days.

Key features

  • Get a VA in 48 hours – Magic finds you a dedicated virtual assistant in just 48 hours, after which you can start delegating your tasks.
  • Accurate matching of assistants – tell Magic what you’re looking for in an assistant, and it will match you with the best fit.
  • Flat rate for assistance – all pricing plans come with a flat rate, so there are no additional hidden costs.
  • 24/7 service – Magic’s virtual assistants are available 24/7, so you can always reach out if you need help.
  • Quality results – even though Magic does its job quickly, you’ll still receive high-quality results.


Magic offers three pricing plans to its customers. 

  • $10 per hour

In the Basic plan, you receive a high-quality assistant within 48 hours. If you’re unhappy with your VA, you can replace them anytime. Feel free to use their tools such as to-do lists, virtual debit cards, and more.

  • $35 per hour

The Professional plan allows you to work with top-tier 1% assistants who are pre-trained before they start working for you. With daily quality control and account management, you’ll always feel supported.

  • Flexible pricing

For the ultimate Magic experience, the Teams plan offers an integrated team of VAs, integrated software, a team lead for seamless team management, and improved remote oversight. These services are available 24/7.

Visit Magic for additional information >>

WoodBows — Fantastic for customer support 

woodbows homepage

WoodBows is a well-known company offering various services. One of the available services is virtual assistance, which allows customers to choose a virtual assistant to help them with all of their tasks and obligations.

Since WoodBows hires college-educated virtual assistants with more than ten years of experience in the field, satisfaction with their VAs is a guarantee. Assistants can handle many tasks, from research and scheduling to content writing and social media management.

Key features

  • Ideal for professional assistance – although WoodBows partners with everyone, this service primarily caters to those who need professional assistance.
  • Assistants in different locations – since VAs are located in many places, time zones aren’t an obstacle.
  • VA specialists – WoodBows hires VA specialists who can provide you with expert assistance for specific industries.
  • Reasonable pricing – despite its top-quality services, WoodBows still offers them at affordable prices.
  • Outstanding service guarantee – if you’re unhappy with a task outcome, WoodBows will double your paid hours.


WoodBows offers four different plans and four payment methods.

40 hours
  • $599 per month if billed monthly
  • $449 per month if billed quarterly
  • $399 per month if billed semi-annually
  • $369 per month if billed annually

With the 40 hour plan, you receive full access to all of WoodBows VA services for 40 hours every month.

80 hours
  • $999 per month if billed monthly
  • $799 per month if billed quarterly
  • $699 per month if billed semi-annually
  • $649 per month if billed annually

This plan provides access to all of WoodBows VA services for 80 hours per month.

  • $1,499 per month if billed monthly
  • $1,199 per month if billed quarterly
  • $1,099 per month if billed semi-annually
  • $1,049 per month if billed annually

The Full-time plan offers you access to all of WoodBows VA services for 160 hours every month.

  • $2,499 per month if billed monthly
  • $1,999 per month if billed quarterly
  • $1,799 per month if billed semi-annually
  • $1,499 per month if billed annually

The Premium plan equips clients with full access to all WoodBows VA services for 160 hours every month. You also receive priority support and a backup VA.

Visit WoodBows for additional information >>

Hello Rache — Specialized services for medical needs 

hellorache homepage

Companies in the healthcare industry often require VA services that general virtual assistant platforms can’t provide. Hello Rache is specifically designed to assist medical industry professionals.

Hello Rache VAs are qualified medical and veterinary workers skilled in handling all of the specific tasks related to this complex field. Its virtual assistants have HIPAA certification and medical experience, making this company stand out from many services in its category.

In addition, Hello Rache has some of the most affordable pricing options. It charges hourly rates and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

Key features

  • HIPAA-certified assistants – all VAs are HIPAA-certified for maximum reliability and security.
  • Services oriented toward medicine – the services and tasks listed on Hello Rache are medicine-oriented, so your VA can even join you in the examination room.
  • Most VAs are previous medical employees – with practical experience in the medical field, VAs can offer the best assistance.
  • Ability to choose VA – Hello Rache gives you complete freedom concerning who you hire as your VA.
  • Custom tasks available – You can create custom tasks for complete peace of mind even if Hello Rache doesn’t offer them.


Hello Rache has a flat hourly rate for all of its clients, regardless of the services that they need.

Hourly rate
  • $9.50 per hour

With a flat hourly rate, you don’t need to sign a contract and can cancel the service anytime.

Visit Hello Rache for additional information >>

Remote CoWorker — Spanish VAs 

remotecoworker homepage

If your company is in a Spanish-speaking country or most of your clients speak Spanish, it could be a good idea to work with a Spanish virtual assistant. Remote CoWorker offers bilingual VAs who speak English and Spanish, so they’re ready to tackle all of your business tasks and duties.

With more than 1,000 employees, Remote CoWorker ensures that all of its VAs provide high-quality service and are dedicated to their tasks.

Key features

  • Meet your VA – before you delegate any tasks, meet your VA and ensure that they’re the right fit.
  • Account management – a dedicated account manager will oversee the VAs to ensure that everything’s in order.
  • Highly skilled VAs – Remote CoWorker hires educated virtual assistants with experience in all industries and fields.
  • 24/7 support – Remote CoWorker is always available to help and offer you the assistance you need.
  • Excellent customer reviews – Happy customers signify that Remote CoWorker is a perfect choice.


Pricing plans available at Remote CoWorker are:

Part-time Starter
  • $7.99 per hour

If you want to see how their virtual assistants work or have a small team, choose the Part-time Starter plan.

Full-time Starter
  • $6.99 per hour

If you already have an established team that wants to expand operations or lower costs, go with the Full-time Starter plan.

Full-time Bilingual
  • $9.99 per hour

The Full-time Bilingual plan is the best choice for teams that need English and Spanish-speaking virtual assistants.

Visit Remote CoWorker for additional information >>

Finding the best VA company for your needs

Every VA company offers different features and services to its clients. Considering there are numerous VA companies with excellent ratings and reviews, it might be challenging to select only one to work with. Here are essential factors to consider if you want to find the best company for your needs.

Level of experience

Every VA company has different levels of experience, from VA beginners to skilled professionals.

Working with entry-level VA companies might be better if you run a small business because they’re usually more affordable. However, larger firms might want to consider VA companies with more skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Types of services

The next thing to determine is what types of services you need to be able to access. Examining the services that different VA companies provide will make selecting one with exactly what you’re looking for easier.

Dedicated teams and agents

Some VA companies hire freelance virtual assistants working remotely, while others work in offices. Whatever the case, you should always focus on companies that hire dedicated teams and agents. This way, you know that you have access to a reliable source of assistance at all times.

Pricing transparency

Few things are more important than knowing how much you need to pay for services. Transparent companies usually display their pricing plans and options on their websites so that everyone can easily access their prices for their available services.

Communication skills

Virtual assistants often communicate with customers, so their communication skills are among the top features to consider. No one wants a VA who’s rude and unhelpful to clients. Make sure that your VAs can communicate clearly and politely.

Language skills

Language can also be an essential element to factor into your decision. For instance, some companies hire VAs whose native language isn’t English, and their accent can sometimes hinder communication. Alternatively, you might be looking for bilingual VAs to cater to more clients.


Many VA companies offer general virtual assistant services, but some are designed for a specific industry. If you’re looking for a VA company specializing in healthcare, education, or the IT sector, you might want to check out the specialization of different VA companies.

Best options for different needs

There’s no single best virtual assistant service because every person or company is looking for something different in a virtual assistant. Whether you need a VA that excels in a professional approach, bilingual service, or work with small businesses, here are the top three options for different business needs.

Best for a professional approach

The primary purpose of VAs is to complete tasks for you in the best possible way. VAs must have a professional approach and do their job responsibly.

Time etc

Starts at $360 per month

Time etc is one of the leading virtual assistant platforms and it offers superior service to its clients. Not only is it famous for its professionalism, but the efficiency and expertise you’ll witness at this company are unmatched.

Top bilingual service

If you run an international company, you probably need a VA service that can handle tasks in multiple languages. That’s where bilingual services come into play.


Starts at $1059 per month

Uassist.ME has a 100% bilingual staff that speaks English and Spanish, making it the best choice if you want to break those language barriers.

The best option for personal needs and small entrepreneurs

If you’re a small business owner or need a helping hand with some of your tasks, you’re probably interested in a VA company that can offer you essential VA services at the best price.

Virtual Assist USA

Starts at $570 per month

Virtual Assist USA offers outstanding deals for busy parents or entrepreneurs. Whether you need a friendly reminder or someone to make a phone call for you, Virtual Assist USA will do that at an excellent price.


How do VA services work?

Virtual assistant services are companies that hire VAs to handle responsibilities and tasks for their clients. When someone hires a virtual assistant, they can delegate tasks and complete projects faster.

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant completes various activities delegated to them by their clients. Although each service is unique, most VAs schedule meetings, review documents, do research, complete phone calls, and more.

How are VA services paid?

Generally speaking, you pay for VA services on an hourly basis. Therefore, you pay for every hour a VA spends doing work for you. You’ll also find many VA services creating different monthly pricing plans so that you can select the one that suits your business best.

Is there any sort of commitment when hiring a virtual assistant?

That depends on the company. While some companies allocate random virtual assistants to their clients, others allow the clients to choose virtual assistants according to their needs. In both cases, most companies are happy to replace the VA if you’re dissatisfied with their performance or delivered tasks.


With so many different VA companies out there, choosing the right one for you can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s why it’s important to examine all of the available features and pricing plans to ensure that you’re making the right choice and delegating your tasks to a reliable VA service.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to find your perfect virtual assistant. By learning about the ten best virtual assistant services mentioned here, you will gain insight into the companies, their key features, and pricing plans. Choosing an ideal VA has truly never been easier.

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