6 best WordPress plugins for Christmas

If you haven’t prepared your WordPress site for the holiday season, there’s still just enough time to do so. Whether you want to add snow, show a personalized Christmas card or decorate your website for holidays, you can make changes in the following minutes.

Usually, when we talk about WordPress, and it’s extensions, we can find numerous plugins which give similar functionalities. With that in mind, we started to look for Christmas plugins expecting dozens of great ones. So we have begun stretching and warming up, sharpened our claws, but results surprised us.

Truth to be told, there are many WordPress plugins designed for Christmas and the entire holiday season. Unfortunately, many of them are quite old (not updated for more than two years which is a big no-no in the world of WordPress). The ones that are fresh were simply not good enough; low-res graphics and animations aren’t something you want for your site. Also, you probably don’t want plugins which are being used just by several people which gave it a negative review. You get the picture.

So, to save you from the same hopeless search for festive plugins, we are about to show you only the best ones we found. Yeah, don’t let the previous paragraph demotivate you – there are some fantastic WordPress plugins for Christmas which you will most certainly enjoy!

Christmas Card

PRICE: $15

Christmas Card for WordPress

Christmas Card is one of those amazing plugins for the holiday season that has to get your attention. The plugin is very simple, yet it gets straight to the point of holidays – it lets you create a personalized card which you can show to your visitors.

Christmas Card comes packed with nine beautiful themes which you can easily customize. Simply change the logo to your own, add music, let it snow over the card, personalize the text and do much more with this premium plugin. We already reviewed this fantastic plugin, so instead of repeating our own words, we invite you to see all the features of Christmas Card for WordPress.




This free WordPress plugin comes with several holiday options for your site. Once you install and activate the plugin, you will be able to allow snow for your site, add image decorations, play music with a simple player found on the bottom, add Christmas font, and even let Santa himself fly over your pages.

Every option is togglable and easy to access so you shouldn’t have any problems with adding what you like.

5sec Snow

PRICE: $10 $5

5sec Snow

Although there are not many good and recent plugins for Christmas, there are quite a lot plugins which can add snow to your site. Among those, we found 5sec Snow to be the best and most beautiful one for the job.

One of the main reasons you should get this plugin is its optimized code which won’t slow down your site. Besides that, you get to customize snowflakes; there are eight different snowflake types which can even be turned into links. We loved the fact that the plugin lets you embed a link which stops the snow from falling so you can relax and not worry about users who don’t like your decoration.

Last but not least, you get to turn off snow for mobile users which is a must-have option for this kind of plugin. Since we already reviewed it, please see more details about 5sec Snow.

Christmas Panda


Christmas Panda is another free plugin that will add Christmas joy to your WordPress website. It will let you add Xmas decorations on top or the bottom of your site, let the snow fall or even add a pop-up that will remind your users about Christmas and show them a cute greeting card.

Each of the modules can be turned on and off separately so you can choose the ones you like the best. Take a look at the attached video to see the plugin in action, or just click the link that will get you to the demo site. The plugin is very simple but looks really nice.

Xmas Widget

PRICE: From $9.89

If you want to quickly decorate your WordPress website, Xmas Widget will be a great choice. This premium plugin recently became free, and you get to use its essential features without having to provide credit card details. Although a widget, the plugin can be placed anywhere you want by using a shortcode.

Xmas Widget lets you create simple cards with customizable messages to your readers. You even get to call out your customers by name so that they can get a personal greeting card. Add snow, choose between more than ten backgrounds, pins, fonts, icons, and use your custom CSS to make the card unique. We already reviewed the plugin; see more details about Xmas Widget.

MMX – Make Me Christmas

PRICE: $17

MMX Make Me Christmas

This simple premium plugin will let you decorate your WordPress website with several images and animations. You can choose between ten types of Christmas hanging and bunting, ten snowmen who will proudly stand on your pages, and ten different Christmas trees. You can even add Santa Clause in the picture.

There’s not much to describe – take a look at the demo site and enjoy the animations!

As we already told you in the introduction, there aren’t that many good plugins for Christmas and the holiday season. That’s why we’re going to stop the list here and only mention three more plugins which might interest you: Christmas Countdown Widget, Christmas Music, and Merry Christmas – Illustrated/Animated Coming Soon Plugin.

How do you like WordPress plugins for Christmas? Have you used any on your site? If you have found any other plugin worth mentioning, please let us know in the comments. Happy holidays!

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