Top 4 menu plugins for WordPress

Once you have started building your new website, sooner or later you’re gonna need a menu. You can create one using a standard menu option in WordPress but if you want a more professional one, you will have to know your HTML and CSS codes. That also means you will spend some time designing everything to work perfectly and to look beautiful at the same time.

But if you need a quicker solution or you simply don’t know how to code your own fancy menu, WordPress allows you to install some great plugins which are designed to make gorgeous menus in a matter of a few clicks.

We already found the best mobile menu plugins and showed you how to make a menu sticky.

Without any particular order, here are some of the best menu plugins for WordPress.

Uber Menu

PRICE: $18

Uber Menu

With over 43,000 sales, Uber Menu is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. Once you open the demo site and see what does the menu created with this plugin look like, you will understand why it’s so popular. And once you start listing its features, you’ll probably want one for yourself. Menus created with Uber menu will be responsive and touch-enabled for your mobile visitors. You can create beautiful layouts and place icons, images, videos and maps into your menu. The entire form could be placed into a submenu so you can create a contact form without having to add an extra page for that. The plugin is highly customizable and you can play around with over 50 style settings with live preview. You can build submenus automatically from your other content, create tabs under your menu and much, much more.

  • Dynamic item generation
  • Tabbed submenus
  • Enhanced user interface


Morph: Customizable Fly-Out WordPress Menu

PRICE: $14


Morph is a fly-out menu designed for mobile devices. But, as you can see on the demo page if you open it on your personal computer, it looks really great on desktop, too. By using this plugin, you can hide a menu and call it out with a simple click. On the menu area, you can create a standard drop-down menu, add pictures, search buttons, and the whole area is widgetized which means you can embed anything you need and want. The plugin is very customizable so you can choose colors you want, change image heights and add or remove elements to suit your needs. If you are going to use it for mobile devices, you can easily set resolutions for which the menu will appear.

  • Works great both on desktop and mobile devices
  • Add/remove customizable elements
  • Can be triggered by any element


Hero Menu

PRICE: $18

Hero menu

Whether you want a simple menu or a complex “Mega Menu”, you can create one with the Hero Menu plugin. Every menu you create will be responsive and will look great on any device; if you choose to create a mega menu, items can be shown or hidden so you don’t have to worry about the layout on smaller screens. There is a special touch support for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Choose full width or fixed width navigation bar where you can easily add extra elements simply by using a drag&drop technique. There are over 60 preset color schemes and you’re free to use each one of free Google Fonts. Make the menu sticky, choose activation distance… this great plugin can offer much more so be sure to check out the entire features list on CodeCanyon.

  • Drag&Drop menu structure builder
  • Create simple menu or complex mega menu
  • Special mobile navigation


Multi-X bar

PRICE: $15

Multi X Bar

The Multi-X bar is a modular plugin and allows you to place practically anything you want into the navigation bar. Beside menu items, you can place up to 8 items on the bar – whether it is a contact form, search form, social sharing icons, widget area, etc. There are two different themes for you to choose from plus a custom theme where you can set your own colors while the gradient will be calculated automatically. The navigation bar can be placed as a fixed or scrollable menu. If you are a developer, you will like to know there is a set of hooks ready for you if you want to create a new plugin from Multi-X bar. This plugin offers much, much more so be sure to take a look at all features on CodeCanyon.

  • 8 embedded functional modules
  • 2 color themes + custom theme
  • Top or bottom position


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