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We all know how far technology has come. Smartphones and tablets have become inevitable and there is a growing number of mobile device owners. WiFi networks cover every part of our cities and if there isn’t one, you can always connect your mobile device to Internet via your provider. What all that means is that number of mobile web surfers is higher than ever and that you need to take care of them if you’re running a web site.

If you’re building a mobile site or want to make one better, you definitely need to build a special mobile menu which will adapt to any screen size and allow mobile users easier navigation.

With WordPress, this task isn’t that hard as you might think. You don’t have to know how to code or how to set up a menu. All you need is a plugin which you can easily install and customize to your needs.

In this article, we’re about to show you some of the best premium plugins which can create a mobile menu for your WordPress website. So let’s scroll down and take a look.


PRICE: $14


This premium plugin will create a clean mobile header with mobile menu embedded into it. Animations are very simple and they can look really nice and fluid on a smartphone screen. With Tactile, you can create a multi-level accordion menu, make a single-level horizontal menu which can be swiped or create a widgetized sidebar that can fly into your website.

Everything is customizable which means you can paint your elements in any color you want, change backgrounds and set their colors, opacities and much more. Your menu can be fixed or positioned absolutely. If you want even more control over mobile devices, you can set resolutions for which this menu will be activated.

  • Several menu types
  • Search functions
  • Fixed/absolute positioning


PRICE: $14


TapTap will give you power of creating a unique mobile menu for your WordPress website. As you can see from the demo site, you can create almost anything you imagine and your menus will look really neat. With this plugin, you can create multi-level menus, decide which elements you want to show, add descriptions or enable integrated search option. There are two menu button designs and few animations to choose from. Your menu’s position can be fixed or you may use absolute positioning. Choose background styles and play with numerous styling options so you can fit the menu into your theme perfectly. Last but not least, TapTap will let you choose resolutions on which it will display itself. What more can you want from a mobile navigation menu?

  • Multi-level menus
  • 2 menu buttons designs and animations
  • Fixed/absolute positioning


PRICE: $10


Mobi is another simple yet great WordPress plugin ready to help with mobile websites. With this addition, your responsive theme will have an even better navigation. Once you create menu using an intuitive drag&drop menu builder, you can place it on top or the bottom of your site.  All menu items are customizable and you are free to add social media icons to your navigation bar. There are over 700 icon fonts and you can complete your design by using one of Google Fonts. If you need to, you can control user visibility for guests and logged in users.

  • Drag and Drop customization
  • Top or bottom menu positioning
  • User Visibility for guests and logged in users


eRICE: $27


Wah-menu is docakble menu perfect for mobile websites, specially designed for iPad touch navigation. With this premium plugin, you can add up to 8 menu links which will be nicely fitted on the side of your WordPress website. Once you click on a specific icon in the menu, a sub-menu will appear which allows HTML, embedded videos, maps and pretty much everything you want. The plugin is highly customizable which means you can choose from 8 accent colors, play around with menu width, icons, links, etc. Menu creation is super easy with WYSIWYG editor. Whether you choose to use dark or light theme, you can be sure it will look nice.

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Sub-menus with support for HTML, embedded videos, etc.
  • Out or Docked state option

Path Style Menu

PRICE: $17

Path Style

This premium plugin is somewhat different from your usual plugin dedicated to menu creation. Instead of a classic menu bar or a sidebar menu, Path Style Menu creates a button. After you activate a button, it will show a menu around the button in a circle, expand it inline in whichever direction you want or even organize your icons in an arc. If there are multiple menu levels, the button will create a back button which will allow user to go to the main menu again. There are tons of customization options and to create menu; you can simply use WordPress standard menu editor. If you’re looking for a unique mobile menu, give Path Style Menu a chance.

  • Create menu around button
  • Highly customizable
  • Use standard WP menu for editing the menu


PRICE: $14


Another unique menu plugin which give you some great functions and can look great on your website. Scrollnav is consisted of a circle which contains several menu options. There is a homepage link in the middle of the button, the top link takes you logically on top of the page, there is a search box, a custom menu and a custom link part of the circle. Custom menu will give enough space to create entire menu with submenus, it will look great and will give you much needed space on your mobile website. There are several color schemes you can choose from and everything is easy to configure. You should definitely check the demo site to see how this little plugin works.

  • Circular button with different functions
  • Custom menu and custom link part
  • Several color schemes

ScrollTo Menu

PRICE: $14

Scroll To Menu

This simple premium plugin will get you a cool sidebar menu which is built for iOS and Android touch navigation. Once you create a menu, it will feature icons which link to another part of the page and scroll automatically. It is important to note that ScrollTo isn’t a full navigational menu, but it only scrolls to another part of the same page. You can choose from over 750 icons or you can use your own images as menu items and there is extra space for ads. To make everything work, you’ll have to have basic HTML knowledge so you can follow the instructions. It might take a few more minute of your time, but the end result looks great.

  • Touch enabled
  • Over 750 icons + custom images
  • Extra advertisement space


PRICE: $11


MOBILE.NAV is another WordPress menu plugin designed specifically for mobile websites. It will give you option to place your mobile menu on top, left or the right side of your page. It integrates with WP menu system and makes it easier to understand because it doesn’t give any extra admin areas. The plugin supports swipe gestures and you can even pinch to zoom on mobile devices. Choose from jQuery and CSS3 animations, play with numberless color combinations until you find one you like and place a logo in the menu if you like.

  • Swipe gestures + pinch to zoom
  • jQuery and CSS 3 animations
  • WordPress menu system integration


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