Best footer plugins for newsletter and promotion

A good way of showing you promotions or adding a newsletter option is adding those into the footer area. But if you are working with an average theme, you will probably have only a simple, standard footer area which looks like the rest of the page. And you want your newsletter sign-up and promotions to stand out and at the same time not to get in the way.

Luckily, there are some beautiful WordPress plugins which will add a slightly different footer and allow your users to control it – whether your visitor wants to sign-up or close the footer.

Royal Footer Bar

PRICE: $16

Royal Footer Bar
Royal Footer Bar is a great premium plugin which gives you the power of adding ads, optins or social media sharing icons right into your footer bar. There are several different footer bars you can add to your site; choose from placing an ad, optin or social sharing while making the footer transparent, with or without close button and few more options. The plugin gives you A/B/C test which means you can create three different footers and test them against each other to see which one works the best for you. Display statistic to see the effectiveness of your new footer bar. If you’re not running a WordPress, you are still able to use this plugin by placing HTML right into your site. You can target a specific page with ads. There are numerous ways of customizing your footer and you should definitely take a look at a demo site.

  • Use the footer for ads, optins or social sharing
  • A/B/C testing
  • Highly customizable


WP leFooter

PRICE: $10

This premium plugin comes with 5 different themes and textures and gives you the ability to change colors of many segments. It creates a slide-up footer which looks nice on your site and give you the extra space if you want to place additional pieces of information to your footer area. You can easily install the plugin into any theme and customize the columns to suit your needs. You will also get a set of easing animation effects which will take care of your footer style and don’t forget to add any WordPress widget into your new footer and make it even better.

  • 5 themes and textures
  • Resizable column
  • Widgetized content


AWeber Footer Slideup


Aweber Footer Slideup
This free plugin is very simple but will be enough for anyone who wants to add an Aweber opt-in form into their footer area. Simply install the plugin and place your Aweber subscribe form in it. Now your visitors will be shown a footer bar where they can enter their e-mail address if they want to without needles interruption with a huge pop-up or redirect. Because it is free, the plugin will ask a bit more of your time to set everything up.

  • Works with AWeber
  • Simple and effective
  • No interruption to your visitors
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