Free Blog Checker the “Fifth Eye” Tool by FSG

Artem Minaev
Updated: October 4th, 2023
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Free Blog Checker the “Fifth Eye” Tool by FSG

Tool description

Summary. The “Blog Checker / Fifth Eye” tool comes in handy when you have to check big lists of websites (URLs). It lets you preview web pages in one display without annoying copy-paste processes and mark (vote) them Yes or No.

By using this tool, you can review 100s of websites in less than an hour. It can process any web page, but rarely some AJAX websites do not load properly, otherwise, it has been successfully tested on hundreds of thousands of websites. You require a Windows computer to run the tool.

Where this tool can be used?

Let’s pretend, you want to use the “Broken link building” technique one day. If you haven’t heard of that technique before, it’s a tactic that involves letting a webmaster know about broken links on their site and suggesting an alternative resource on your own website. For more information read this guide – Moz guide.

One of the recommended steps is to collect possible targets, pages with broken links on them. This can be done with the “Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider″ tool. But can you trust the list? Not always, thus you’ll have to check each URL from the list manually. Now, who wants to copy-paste each URL from the Excel sheet to the browser address bar? Not everyone. So that’s where our “Blog Checker / Fifth Eye” tool comes in handy.

Download Free Blog Checker Tool (.zip file, 15.5 MB)

User manual:

  1. Open/run the “Fifth-Eye.exe” file on the Windows operating system.
  2. In the “Categories” tab click the “After you select the topics you click this button” button. If all links to be viewed belong to a single category, ignore and click away. If categories and subcategories of each link are of importance, in the “Categories” tab above the orange button edit them, before pressing “Start” in the “Settings” tab.
  3. Press the “Settings” tab.
  4. Press the “Upload TXT file with URL” button in the upper left corner and import URLs, one URL per line (including HTTP).
  5. Press the “Save Logfile” button, it will record the exact time, category, and “Yes” or “No”, depending on if the link fits the manual approval process.
  6. Press the “Start” button.

You can also watch this short screencast video.

Download Free Blog Checker Tool (.zip file, 15.5 MB)

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  1. Mike Jones

    Thank you for the post. I checked this, And it worked, I think the result is accurate.

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