FREE Blog Set Up Service


You will receive the following:

  • A FREE Domain Registration For One Year
    (usually $12+)*
  • Hand-Picked Premium WordPress Theme
    (usually $45+)
  • You Will Receive A Fully Functional WordPress Blog (ready to start blogging)

  • Your blog will be mobile friendly so people can easily access it via mobile devices
  • We will optimize your new blog for SEO, and you can rank better in search engines
  • We will add all necessary plugins that you will need to become a successful blogger

* Please note: The Blog Setup package only includes the above tasks. Any additional changes to your blog beyond the scope of the above must be purchased separately.


Step 1 – Create a Web Hosting Account and receive a Free Domain Name

Now it’s time to get your domain name and web hosting account, and create your new blog. Below you will find our recommended hosting provider – Bluehost. We were able to negotiate a special price only for FirstSiteGuide visitors, so feel free to use it. Also, if you get stuck, we included step by step instructions to help you with the process.

Step 2 – Submit Your Information

Assuming you have signed up for web hosting using the link above, we now need you to send us the necessary information we need so we can go ahead and setup your new WordPress blog. Your blog will be ready within two to three business days and we will email you with your login credentials when the blog is completed and ready to use.

Your Bluehost account login credentials, username and password. Your FTP login credentials, username and password. If you've installed WordPress by yourself, we will need login credentials for your WordPress dashboard too.

Note: Password you can change afterwards when the blog setup is done.