Penelope’s Vintage blog by Chanelle Laurence

Chanelle Laurence is a Vintage Maven! She’s a girl that’s “hopelessly in love with fashion and everything involved with it.” As the owner of Penelope’s Vintage and a blogger at, her unique style is spread over the social media outlets like Bloglovin’, Lookbook, Facebook and Twitter. Check out why is she so popular! Here’s her story:

Fashion Blogging Secrets of Elizabeth Victoria Clark

Elizabeth Victoria Clark is an English Literature graduate working in fashion and blogging about personal style from Toronto, Canada. Since 2009. she shares her sense for fashion at With over 2,000 followers on Bloglovin and Instagram and over 3,000 followers on her blog and a frequent appearances in Teen Vogue, she was so kind to […]

Dressing up a Fashion Blog by

The first person I had a privilege to interview about fashion blogging was Tosha Eason, a freelance stylist, fashion blogger and a designer. She’s originally from Texas and is currently based in Los Angeles where she is the owner of blog since 2011. With her unique style and a sense for fashion, she has […]

Mel Shares her Fashion Blogging Tips

Her name is Melanie Pangilinan, a 22-year-old personal style blogger from New Jersey and a creator of The Mel Division.

Rachel Ross talks about Fashion, Lifestyle and Blogging

“Just because I’m carrying a kid around doesn’t mean I can’t still be carrying around my Chanel!” says Rachel Ross, a recent mother and a fashion blogger. With over 1,000 followers on Instagram and other social networks like Pinterest, Twitter and her personal YouTube channel, her focus for has been quick tips and outfit […]

How to get your first 100 email subscribers

While we publish original content, every now and then we run across an article we think will be of great help to our visitors. “How to get your first 100 email subscribers” by Noah Kagan, posted on his blog,, is a great article on building an email list.

Your Blog is Live! Make Sure Your Social Media Outreach is, Too!

When I speak to students about business, I always make sure to point out that they just can’t sit by the phone and wait for the calls from prospective clients to pour in. This is when their eyes glaze over. The worst argument I ever heard from a student in response to my talk on steps […]

Megan Watson: Violin Music Lessons Pirate Blog

Megan Watson, a violinist and violin teacher in Utah, has agreed to share her story of publicizing her music skills trough the internet. She was more than happy to answer our questions and is willing to help First Site Guide’s readers realize how important is to have a strong online presence these days. We believe […]

The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers, Illustrators and Designers

Many photographers, designers, and illustrators have discovered the ease and professional look of WordPress themes for their images, instead of building a website from the ground up. Themes are simple, easy to use and come loaded with apps and widgets, so they’re ready to go. You can build a professional looking, beautiful website in a […]

How Kelly Riley Put Her Music Classroom Online

First Site Guide was able to get in touch with Kelly Schenbeck Riley, who is in her eleventh year of teaching elementary music in central Ohio and is now the Music Specialist and Building Technology Coordinator at Washington Elementary in the Hilliard City Schools. She is currently running her own website,, where she is using technology to […]

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