How to Quickly Find and Edit Code From Themes and Plugins


Working with WordPress can be easy. When compared to many other content management systems, it really is easy. Even you if you have nothing to do with the code or design, you can still create your WordPress blog, and you can start writing and publishing content in a matter of minutes. If you need to […]

How to create XML sitemap for your WordPress website


Sitemap, as its name already suggests, is a map of your site. To be more specific, a sitemap is a list of all of the pages found on your website. Sometimes, this list can be created manually in order to display structure of your site. By showing the list of your pages, you can show […]

Add Your WordPress Site to Google Webmasters Tools


Google Webmasters Tools is a set of handy applications which can help you analyze your website and see how it’s dealing with the most popular search engine. Those tools will also help you manage your site in order to improve your SEO. If you’re serious about presenting you website to a broader audience, you shouldn’t […] vs. Comparison


A lot of people who are starting a WordPress blog get stuck on the first step – choosing between the “org” and the “com” version. Googling won’t do much good as most articles are just rants about which version is better (neither is better because they serve different purposes). And while they may appear the […]

How to Hack Into a WordPress Website, The Complete Guide

How to hack into a WordPress website, the complete guide

We don’t condone, approve nor encourage any illegal or malicious behavior! The purpose of this article is to explain how to hack or regain access to a WordPress site that belongs to you, or that you have rights to edit, admin and access. Whatever you do, you’re doing it on your own. We’re not responsible for your […]

Link Posts And Pages To An External URL


Once you set up your permalinks, WordPress will use that structure in order to point browsers to content located on your server. It doesn’t matter if you left the default permalinks structure or if you customized it for SEO, your posts and page titles will automatically link to a unique URL set by WordPress. And […]

Beaver Builder – Drag&Drop Design System for WordPress by Robby McCullough

Robby McCullough-illustration

Robby McCullough is a Silicon Valley native and co-founder of Beaver Builder, a drag-and-drop design framework for WordPress. Robby enjoys fishing, hiking, and a good cup of coffee. You can find him in person on the mountain bike trails or virtually on Twitter. Please tell us something about yourself and Beaver Builder. How you ended […]

Kevin Sanderson from Vectips Talks about his Career as a Designer


Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting Vectips and what drew you to this area of knowledge? I bought the site from a very well-known graphic designer, Ryan Putnam, because I saw great potential in a vector art blog. The right domain name is important. How long did […]

Omnisend – eCommerce Marketing Tool by Karolina Jasvinaitė

Karolina Jasvinaite interview teaser

Please tell us something about Omnisend and yourself? Omnisend is a comprehensive email marketing toolkit tailored to small and medium-sized online stores. The tool was launched two years ago when the founders came up with the idea to offer the market an easy-to-use, data-driven solution that caters to special eCommerce needs. Omnisend covers the entire […]

Manuel Vicedo Describes the success of CPOThemes

Manuel Vicedo-01

Manuel Vicedo is the founder of CPOThemes and creator of Forge– a front-end page builder that makes creating great content in WordPress a breeze. He hails from Spain and has been featured on popular WordPress blogs such as WPLift. He is passionate about creating software that makes publishing on the web easier, helping users create […]

Fit Small Business Blog by David Waring


Could you tell us a little about yourself – how did you get an idea to launch Fit Small Business and how important is it for you be online? We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and looking around the internet we found a lot of great sites talking about how to run an online business or a venture […]

Meet Ryan M. Pierson – Technical Writer for RocketTheme

Ryan Pierson

Ryan Matthew Pierson is a technical writer with a history in broadcasting and has worked in virtually every area of media production. He currently works as a technical writer for RocketTheme, a leading producer of templates and themes for WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and Magento. Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you […]

Snappa – a Graphic Design Tool by Christopher Gimmer

Christopher Gimmer-01

Christopher Gimmer is the co-founder and CEO of Snappa – the easiest graphic design tool you’ll ever use. He’s passionate about growth marketing and his writing has been featured on popular sites like, SEMRush and AHREFs. Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting an online business? I […]

Zac Johnson’s Tips For Blog Monetization


Could you tell us a little about yourself how you ended up starting an online business? I first started making money online back in the mid-to-late 90s, while I was still in high school. My first dollar was actually by creating graphic banners for people in the AOL Web Diner chat room and they would […]

Posterous is Dead. What Now?


Reaching for the Stars An astronaut with a wrench floats in the void of space, with only a smoking satellite for the company. Beside him are the words, “Posterous Spaces is no longer available.” On April 30, 2013, this popular service went down. At the time of its demise, Posterous had an estimated 60,000 daily […]

Robot Wisdom and How Jorn Barger Invented Blogging


Jorn Barger and Where “Blog” Came From Blogs are everywhere. Everybody, every business, everywhere, has a blog these days, some run on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress, but majority of blogs are created on self-hosted platforms where you are in charge of everyting. There are blogs on family, health, writing, music, news, a million […]

84 Experts Reveal The 3 Best Blog Marketing Tips


Blog Marketing 101 So you’ve started a blog. At least, we assume so, since you’re here at First Site Guide. Maybe the blog’s for fun, maybe it’s for money, or maybe it’s because you’re bored. Whatever you started it for, you started a blog instead of going out and buying a diary, so you probably […]

Custom Background Options

Custom Background options video

Video Transcription Hi, this is Brad with and in this video I’m going to be walking you through the “Background Appearance” section of your new blog. If we scroll over here to the” Appearance” section we’ll hover over and then we’ll find “Background” here, and click. What the “Background” section is going to allow […]

Free Blog Checker / Fifth Eye Tool


Tool description: Summary. The “Blog Checker / Fifth Eye” tool comes handy when you have to check big lists of websites (URLs). It lets you preview web pages in one display without annoying copy-paste processes and mark (vote) them Yes or No. By using this tool, you can review 100s of websites in less than […]

Blogger Icon Set by


60 Free Blogger Icon Set We’re happy to offer a free useful icon set for you. This cool set of 60 New Blogger Icons released by FirstSiteGuide and our friends from for the WordPress Blog Community. The icons are available as PNG (in two sizes) and AI source files and FREE of use in […]

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