Real Estate QR Codes: Your 24 Hour Office

If you’re thinking of downloading our guide for starting a real estate website, or have done so already, then you should consider some cool marketing tools to work in tandem with your site. With the kind permission of the people at (QR code generators and analytics), we present an article from their blog on […]

How I Learned to Love Twitter!

In a recent article, I made a generalization about Twitter only being used to drive traffic to a designer’s web site or blog. There were a couple of comments, stating I was wrong. Sure, it was a generalization to save 1,200 words, telling people what they already knew, but in face-to-face discussions with peers and a […]

Megan Watson: Violin Music Lessons Pirate Blog

Megan Watson, a violinist and violin teacher in Utah, has agreed to share her story of publicizing her music skills trough the internet. She was more than happy to answer our questions and is willing to help First Site Guide’s readers realize how important is to have a strong online presence these days. We believe […]

The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers, Illustrators and Designers

Many photographers, designers, and illustrators have discovered the ease and professional look of WordPress themes for their images, instead of building a website from the ground up. Themes are simple, easy to use and come loaded with apps and widgets, so they’re ready to go. You can build a professional looking, beautiful website in a […]

How Kelly Riley Put Her Music Classroom Online

First Site Guide was able to get in touch with Kelly Schenbeck Riley, who is in her eleventh year of teaching elementary music in central Ohio and is now the Music Specialist and Building Technology Coordinator at Washington Elementary in the Hilliard City Schools. She is currently running her own website,, where she is using technology to […]

Leon Harrell: Creating a One Minute Online Music Lessons Website

Today we are chatting with Leon Harrell, who is a member of the American Music Center and holds a Masters of Music degree in music composition and is currently working on his doctoral degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also a creator of the website called One Minute Music Lesson where he teaches people how music really […]

Turning a Hobby Into an Online Business

I’m the first one to slam designers for agreeing to a client’s refusal to pay more than $50 for a logo. I was, however, struck by the brilliance of a designer who offers logos done in five minutes, for five dollars, with no changes, no design-by-committee, no “my ten-year-old daughter didn’t like it” and answers […]

How Pianist Graham Fitch Markets His Online Music Lessons

Graham Fitch is a sought-after teacher in London with an international profile, attracting students of varying ages and levels. He writes regularly for Pianist Magazine and he is a tutor on the EPTA (UK) Piano Teachers Course. Graham is also famous for his own eBook Series. In the following interview he tells us about his internet experience and […]

Music Blogging: Frances Wilson — Pianist

Today I was privileged to chat with Frances Wilson who is a London-based pianist, piano teacher, writer and blogger on music and pianism. A keen concert-goer, she writes music reviews for international concert and opera listings site, and is a regular contributor to ‘Pianist’ magazine’s online content, and other classical music websites. Some recent […]

How a Music Teacher’s Website Can Make Money Online

In the last article, we discussed why it’s important for music teachers to have a website. Sure, it helps students find you but you can also earn money by being online in other ways through your website. Check out these music teacher sites and see how they created sites that sell.

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